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Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Turbochargers

Do you not know what a turbocharger is? Here are some quick facts you didn’t know about turbochargers and a basic overview of your knowledge.

Driving your car isn’t just a tool for getting from one place to the other; for you, it’s an adventure and a freeing experience you get to enjoy every single day. You want to get the most out of your vehicle, including speed, fuel efficiency, lifespan, and overall quality. Taking your car’s power to the next level requires alterations, and that includes installing a turbocharger.

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Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Turbochargers


Turbochargers not only make your vehicle more powerful but also provide numerous benefits. But what is a turbocharger, and what is its purpose?

Let’s look at what a turbocharger is as well as some quick facts you didn’t know about turbochargers for fun facts and to increase your knowledge.

What’s a Turbocharger?

So, what’s a turbocharger? Simply put, a turbocharger is a mechanical device that uses forced induction systems, compressing the air that flows into the engine. The horsepower increases in the engine without increasing the weight, which makes it a popular choice. The air itself goes into the engine, and the fuel burns into a mixture more efficiently, thus producing more power for the vehicle.

Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Turbochargers

Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Turbochargers


Turbochargers have slowly become a standard with many cars and get installed in the assembly process. So, if you don’t want to install a turbocharger yourself, you can find many car dealerships that provide turbochargers in their cars.

Quick Facts About Turbochargers

Now that you know the basics of a turbocharger, let’s look at some quick facts you didn’t know about turbochargers. Turbochargers have an extensive history, even getting incorporated into WWII bombers. It’s no surprise that they’ve become a staple in the automotive industry.

Turbocharger Inception

After the inception of the modern petrol engine, created by Gottlieb Daimler, the turbo came to inception from Alfred Buchi in 1905. Just 20 years later, the first turbocharged plane came to fruition. A LaPere bi-plan came fitted with a 12-cylinder Liberty engine, managing to get up to 33,000 feet with no boost loss. Afterward, tests were constantly repeated and reached the altitude of 40,000 feet, breaking the highest recorded altitude at the time.

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Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Turbochargers

Turbocharger Speeds

Turbochargers are known for helping increase the power and speed of any vehicle. Turbos themselves consist of a turbine side and a compressor side. The turbo’s turbine side is impressively fast, spinning up to 200,000 revolutions per minute—also known as RPM—30 times faster than most car engine RPMs. In less than a second, it will transition 20,000 revs per minute up to 150,000—that’s very fast!

Instant Fuel Saving

With a smaller-sized engine, turbochargers can help with fuel efficiency. After installation, turbochargers can save as much as 40% in diesel and 20% in gas, compared to a larger, naturally aspirated gas engine with similar performances. Not to mention, because of their fuel efficiency, they make significant modifications that increase your car’s value.

Turbochargers are historically significant; they can add a lot of power to any vehicle. So, now that you know more about turbochargers, your car will benefit significantly from one! Talk to a professional and do some research to find the perfect turbocharger for your car, and get out on the road.

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