Plant Based Living on the Rise

Plant based living is one of the biggest trends across the world in the past decade and continues to gain support as more options become available. But what is plant-based living, and why has it become such an attractive lifestyle? This article will help to explain what it is, what are its’ benefits, and what you can do to start living a plant based lifestyle.

healthy vegetables and fruit food to help you be healthy

At its’ core, plant-based living is creating a diet based on local or organic grown food, which offers incredible nutritional benefits and nourishment! A lot of the potential foods you may eat are seasonal, which means you should check online or at a local farmer’s market to figure out what foods are in season, and when your favorites will be available. Plant-based does not necessarily mean you have to give up lean meats and fish either; this is not a vegan or paleo diet, you can decide how much or how little plant based foods you want.

Plant Based Living on the Rise

If you are interested in learning how to start eating plant-based foods, it would be wise to head down to your local farmer’s market and talk to them. Buying local helps your town or cities economy, as well as giving you the assurance that what you are eating comes from where you are, instead of another state or country with different food regulations.

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are a great start into this lifestyle, everything from apples and grapes to bananas and oranges can be used in your normal everyday meals and add some variety to what you are eating. If you are in favor of a hands-on approach, you can even start a garden in your backyard, and grown your own food! There’s not a better feeling than eating what you prepared with your very own hands.

How to Start Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Plant Based Living on the Rise

What is it that has made plant-based living such a success in the past decade? A lot of it comes from organic supermarkets and stores getting out of just being regional locations and becoming national franchises. Stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, as well as supermarkets now having organic sections have played a large part in bringing awareness of organic and plant-based lifestyles to the masses.

Plant-based living has an enormous amount of healthy benefits. Lowering your cholesterol, helping to prevent diabetes, weight loss, healthier skin: all of these can be attributed to cutting calories, fats, and oils out of everyday diets. I am not saying that you need to go cold turkey and throw out all of your food right now, for fruits and vegetables. Start slow, give your body time to adjust. Maybe eat a salad tomorrow night instead of going to a fast food restaurant, or enjoy an apple as a snack instead of ice cream.  Take it in moderation, and soon you can go full in on plant-based living if you are so inclined.

I hope that this article has shown benefits to plant-based living, and why it can be a wise, potentially life-altering option if you decide it is right for you. So head on down to your local farmer’s market, pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, and enjoy!

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