Modifications That Increase Your Cars Value

Modifications that increase your cars value can be worth your time and money. The battle between the depreciation and appreciation of your car’s value is often a back and forth battle. The more miles you rack up, the more your car depreciates. Modifications are also a touchy subject when you want to get the most out of your car. Certain modifications will decrease your car’s value, but with the right alterations, you can add value.

Here are a few modifications that increase your cars value.

 #1 A New Air Intake System

Not all modifications are going to be fun or aesthetically pleasing. After all, performance plays a big role in the value of your car, too. A new air intake system will boost your car’s performance dramatically. Greater air intake increases acceleration and decreases fuel consumption. Thus, the more air that’s present means there is less fuel powering the engine.

#2 An Infotainment System

Infotainment systems are becoming a standard addition to vehicles. If your car doesn’t have one, you’ll want to consider adding this technology before you think about reselling your car. Infotainment systems provide easy, hands-free navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and sometimes even voice-activated controls.

#3 New Tires

If your car has old, worn-out tires, you can’t go wrong with installing a new set. The next buyer won’t want to purchase a car with tires in poor, unsafe condition. If you don’t know the difference between OEM and aftermarket tires, don’t worry—it’s fairly simple to understand. The truth is, if the tires you choose aren’t too flashy and still cater to a more generic audience, aftermarket wheels are a perfectly safe option for an upgrade.

#4 Additional Safety Features

Buyers want to know that the car they’re purchasing is going to keep them safe. Adding a safety feature or two will wow potential buyers with the high-tech cadence of new additions and will assure them that the vehicle is safe. Features such as forwarding collision sensors or auto-braking systems are good features to consider.

#5 New Headlights

Modifications That Increase Your Cars Value

Nothing signifies an old, beat-up car like dimly lit yellow headlights. Headlight cleaners will typically do the trick and make old plastic headlight covers bright so they can shine like new again. Additionally, replacing the covers and the bulbs will ensure your headlights shine as brightly as possible to make your car look less worn out.

There’s a thin line between finding modifications that decrease your car’s value and modifications that increase your cars value. New air intake systems, infotainment systems, tires, safety features, and headlights are a few options that will add value to your vehicle.

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