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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Dressing for a Job Interview by TotesNewsworthy

There seems to be a lot of uncertainty when discussing the topic of job interviews. People often wonder what attire they should wear and what kind of psychological approach to take. Nobody wants to give off the wrong impression by wearing or saying the wrong things. As often mentioned, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The most crucial aspect to consider when determining what to wear is to be sure to never under-dress. No matter what position it is that you are applying for, items such as shorts, jeans, and t-shirts should never be worn. If there is one quick way to show that you are not taking an interview seriously and to remove yourself from any real consideration of being hired, it is to dress casually or in street clothes.

From cashier to CEO, and anything in-between, do your best to stand out from the crowd, even if that means overdressing. If you’re a male, perhaps a nice pair of slacks and a button-down shirt will simply be good enough. But you want to stick out from the crowd, not just be good enough. Take the extra time and put in the extra effort to wear a suit, or at least throw a sports jacket on over that button-down shirt. If you’re a female, you might think a pair of pants and a button-down shirt will give off the right impression, but perhaps that would just simply be good enough as well. Go the extra mile and wear a pantsuit to set yourself apart from others competing for the position.

While the examples given will powerfully help for entry to mid-level positions, that kind of attire will simply be a necessity to be considered for upper-level positions. When you are already holding a position within a company, it is often said to dress for the job you want, not the position you have. In the case of what to wear to an interview, the same concept applies. Dress for the position you ultimately want, not the position that you are applying for.

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