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How to Manage your Online Reputation

Online reputation management firms like JW Maxx Solutions have become more critical in recent years than ever before. At one point, we were little more than usernames against an anonymous message board, but with the advent of social media, we are putting our lives online now more than ever.

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This can affect the way others see us and interact with us because we may not interpret behavior online as we do in real life. We miss out on a lot of aspects of communication. Things like tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions are lost. While emoji have helped to alleviate some of that confusion, we are still at the whim of someone’s perspective, and at times, this can lead to disaster personally and even professionally.

It’s a good idea to learn how to manage your personal online reputation; here are some ways you can do so

Think about the way your statement can affect others

This occurs in real life as well, but it is essential to be extra careful online as we can more easily say and do things that aren’t visually affecting another person. We don’t have a way to feel what we are saying or doing can do another person online, so it is vital to be more diligent.

Stay far away from toxicity

Toxicity is a term that has been spreading more now that people regularly interact with each other online. Toxicity describes terrible behavior that can spread to others. For example, being confrontational or negative with someone or being outright insulting can is toxic behavior. This is because it is most likely to elicit a toxic response in return.

Politely discuss rather than argue

Ad Hominem is a form of argument during a debate where you redirect to the person arguing rather than their argument. This is often a personal attack or attack on one’s character. For example, saying someone who supports universal healthcare is just looking for handouts is that form of argument and is not in any way polite and is quite toxic.

Discussing politics occurs now more than ever, and social media has been the battlefield to the interpersonal war with words. Even close family members can become rivals when politics get involved, and with the ease at which a medium for discussion can be maintained thanks to social media, it is tough to stop a debate from turning into a mud fight.

Familiarizing yourself with debate strategies can be an excellent way to have a non-confrontational discussion. Understanding what makes up good debate and communication can not only help you win but keep you from looking like the bad guy which no matter what side you are on with a subject will always make you look like the loser.

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