woman using smartphone at night while her boyfriend is sleeping

Shocking Study Shows Women Cheat More Than Men

Affairs happen even in the happiest of relationships. It is not something most people want to read or discuss, but the truth is, it happens, and a new study shows that it is happening with women much more than previously thought. Women now have a much more respected position in the workforce, but that time away from spouse and family doesn’t always bode well for the family. A close relationship with a coworker which requires long nights can quickly turn into something more. The fact that infidelity is occurring is not surprising at all, but the fact that women have become the initiator is shocking to many people.

Think about all those women you know who go on an annual or semi-annual “Girls Trip.” How many times would you believe an unexpected dalliance occurred, especially since they feel safe being surrounded by their closest circle of friends. The fact of the matter is, women today have many more opportunities to cheat on their spouses, and they are much more frequently than ever before.

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