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Don’t Eat These Foods or You Will Die Quicker!

Don’t eat these foods or you will die quicker by Totes Newsworthy. We always read things on paper or on the Internet. What is good to eat what is bad to eat. It seems when you are young that you appear to be invincible. Going to Taco Bell eating McDonald’s drinking Coca-Cola it’s just a way of life. As you get a little older and you visit your doctor regularly, and you notice a change in your bloodwork you realize that maybe you might not be as healthy as you once were.

Don’t Eat These Foods or You Will Die Quicker!

Leaning towards a plant-based diet is the ultimate goal, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about the top foods that you should avoid.

One: Drinks laden with sugar

you know which ones, they are not only doing your brain an injustice by not even registering them as a source of food, but the large caloric intake is amazing. This has definitely been linked to diabetes type II and divorced heart disease so cut out the sugary drinks and try water. A special tip makes a pitcher of water every morning throw in some cucumber and some Chia seeds. Not only does it taste good but it is so much healthier.

Two: Pizza

The problem with pizza is that the dough comes from refined flour and the toppings are mostly processed with preservatives now there are some pizzas that are healthier than others but in general, buyer beware not only are they extremely high in calories, but the ingredients are not as wholesome as you think.

do not eat these foods or you will die quicker

Don’t eat these foods or you will die quicker!

Three: Certain Vegetable Oils

The human body was not made to consume oils high in omega-six fatty acids. Our bodies were not built to consume these large amounts the ones to avoid our soybean, corn, cottonseed, and canola. Special tip uses healthier oils such as extra-virgin coconut, or avocado we do need oil in our system but only the right kinds.

Four: Low-fat yogurt

This may come as a shock to many because yogurt, has always seemed like a healthy choice but unfortunately, when they make it low fat, they have to up the amount of sugar to make up for the missing fat that was provided so what was once a healthy choice has now been replaced by additives. Removing the probiotic bacteria which was removed during the pasteurization and fermentation process.

Don’t eat these foods or you will die quicker – Special tip: if you do want to eat yogurt great news you can just choose the full fat not the diet stuff and make sure it comes from grass-fed cows.

Don't eat these foods or you will die quicker

Don’t eat these foods or you will die quicker!

Five: Agave Nectar

You probably thought you were safe on this one an excellent healthy alternative morphing away from refined sugar to something that you feel is more natural. RED FLAG, The problem with this week is that it is extremely high levels of fructose truth be told the standard of fructose is higher than most refined sugars.

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