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Are you charging your Smartphone correctly?

Are you charging your smartphone correctly? Charge your Smartphone does not mean connect it to the current and let it drift for a while. There are ways to get the most performance from your Smartphone, and there are also ways to prevent deterioration of the battery and extend its life.

Are you charging your smartphone correctly?

The phone batteries gradually lose capacity as time passes, so we’re sharing some tips to prevent that:

1. Turn off the phone from time to time

Cell phones are not ready to be turned on during the 24 hours 365 days, so the first tip to extend the life of your battery is to turn off your phone occasionally and wait a few minutes to turn it on again.

2. Do not wait until the battery is charged to 100%

If we want to extend the life of the battery, another suggestion is to disconnect it from the outlet when has not yet reached 100%. 98% or 99% is best to avoid overloading the batteries, especially those made of Lithium ions.

Are you charging your Smartphone correctly

Are you charging your smartphone correctly?

3. Load when necessary

It is not advisable to be charging the phone all day in order to never run out of charge, the right thing is to wait until it is truly necessary and then give proper load time.

4. Do not expose the phone to high temperatures

Smartphones batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures, so it is not advisable to expose it to heat, and in the same way it is recommended to cover it from direct sunlight. When the battery or charger overheated, this may indicate that the battery is damaged.

5. Do not use cheap chargers

The ideal is to always use the original charger of your phone, but if not possible, avoid using cheap chargers of dubious quality, as these affect performance and slowly damage the battery.

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