10 Best E-commerce Niches of 2019

Totes Newsworthy 10 Best E-commerce Niches of 2019

Our main aim for every year has always been to show you some of the most, E-commerce niches ever discovered in history. Luckily, this year is not an exception, and we believe you’ll enjoy reading. Here’s our guide to the top e-commerce niches of 2019, including a bunch of tips to help you find the best niche for your e-commerce business.

Let’s Start with the list 10 Best E-commerce Niches

1.  Combine Marketing with Private Label Products

You major on a niche market and make yourself popular gaining customer trust. This is among the best e-commerce niches of 2019; you combine your physical products with an affiliate marketer of your choice.

The affiliate market is what will attract customers to your products, so make sure of being passionate in the affiliate market and have enough knowledge to aid the people visiting the website. If you don’t guide your customers well they will leave. Building an affiliate market takes a while when you start a new site, and it needs patience and persistence for you to start seeing results.

Know the market you are dealing with; it will assist you in deciding in the line of products to sell according to the taste of the target market. Later on, you can use the affiliate store to promote your private label product.

10 Best E-commerce Niches of 2019


2. Natural Cosmetic Products for Women

Most chemicals are now being avoided due to the awareness of their effects, and lately, the use of organic skin care products is on the rise. Women are the ones who mostly use these skin care products, and the growth rate of organic skincare products use has been rising steadily at a rate of 10 percent yearly. If you have the resources and you want to sell the skin care products that are purely organic, you can create your private label. If otherwise, there are several private label manufacturers to choose from that can make them for you. Radical Cosmetics, for instance, is a private label.

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10 Best E-commerce Niches

When going to the market try and be unique, have it in mind that there are other companies already doing the same thing.

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3. Sell Homemade Pet Food

Pet owners have, over time, wanted to treat pets as members of the family by buying homemade food for pets. This market is steadily growing. If you have recipes to make food for pets, this is an open opportunity, prepare them then sell them online. When the business has grown, you can have subscription boxes for food supplies being available.

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4. Eco-Friendly Baby Toiletries

In the US, about 80 million babies are expected by the year 2020 that will be 24 percent of the total population. Up to 500 billion dollars are spent on babies yearly in the US, and most of it is used in toiletries. The disposable diapers commonly used are non-biodegradable and spend around 500 years, giving out methane.

With everything now turning to be eco-friendly, selling diapers and wipes which are biodegradable are ideas you should use to set up a business. Besides being eco-friendly, the biodegradable products are cheaper than the non-biodegradable alternatives.

10 Best E-commerce Niches of 2019


5. Print On Demand Clothing

  • These days it is difficult to come by plain t-shirts because of the print on demand available with some fancy looks and designs on them. Design-printed t-shirts have flooded the market; you will have to be wiser choosing your niche. Take lifestyle products; they are uppermost in the e-commerce niche. They can be in these categories;
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Fitness
  • Animals

The above categories are broad that from here, you can get a micro-niche. Let’s say, t-shirt designs for tourists with detailed map or designs with upcoming concerts for the music category. The categories are many; it is you to think out of the box and make something that appeals to your target market.


6. Sell and Deliver HIIT Equipment

In E-commerce, fitness is on the top list. HIIT exercise is one done with your body weight and helps a lot in loss of fat mass. Workouts are rising in popularity quite fast, therefore, increasing the demand for the training equipment used in the process.

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Decide and start delivering the HIIT equipment to people who have ordered at a much lower delivery price and it will be one way to start your small business running well. HIIT is not competitive and has the potential to succeed with the high demand. Be witty, have lead magnets that will bring in beginners to buy your equipment, such as giving training programs to beginners. Remember to serve your customers in a way they will appreciate, and they will be your regular customers.

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7. Rent Elegant Fashion to Budget Conscious Trend Setters

Renting out elegant fashion clothes may seem to be awkward, but this has shown some great potential. People can have the chance to rent out fashion brands like Nicole Miller and Kate Space at a retail price. Subscription services can be added on later and also cross-rent with other accessories available on your online store.

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10 Best E-commerce Niches of 2019 (5)


8. Delivering Clean Organic Food on Demand

The online store in the US brings in billions in a year and is still growing; a lot of money is in this niche. In most cases, the market is not considered good enough as the one in the UK. It is easy to specialize in this niche and still make a good profit due to the broad market.

It is better to get your groceries from the farmers themselves to maximize your profit; grocery stores will limit your earnings. Let what you deliver be known to your consumers. When dealing with food, there are things you should consider looking at, for instance, the location to which your delivery can reach; have close areas.

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9. Create Online Courses for Computer Intelligent Students

If you have enough knowledge or you have an expert having something new, you can make a course out of it. This area has a growth of 80 percent as recorded from 2017 with sales of hundreds of billions. You may be concerned that what you want to have a course for is already being offered by another group or individual. Don’t worry; there are some unmet things in the other classes, fill the spaces, and make yourself known.

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10. Prepackage White Labelled Gluten-Free Food

Gluten-free food is trending out there though it is not new. Celebrities are talking about it, and it has increased the interest of people. Most of the meals and snacks which are prepackaged contain gluten, so getting to be the first to supply it will spread your name fast. Preparing gluten-free food by yourself is costly. Using the white label is the easiest way to sell it, here you avoid the preparation process.

10 Best E-commerce Niches of 2019 (4)

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