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10 benefits of eating tomatoes

The tomato is perhaps one of the most used vegetables in gastronomy. Besides that, it also has beauty properties. Help us to share this information to reach more people:

1. It is a plant with a good fiber content, mostly consists of water and few calories.
2. It has vitamins A, C and E, which are considered as antioxidants that favor immune activity.
3. The potassium content helps proper muscle contraction, to keep the body hydrated and to avoid the presence of pain or cramps, deficiency of this nutrient.
4. It contains lycopene, another antioxidant, which belongs to the family of beta-carotene, same that give the red color and also can be found in the papaya and carrot.
5. Raw tomato juice helps cleanse the skin and organs, but has more sodium.
6. It is rich in folic acid, which helps prevent birth defects, therefore it is recommended to pregnant women.
7. It helps to reduce discomfort during the menstrual period.
8. Lycopene may help prevent certain cancers such as stomach, uterus and prostate.
9. Apply it directly in the skin to take advantage of its astringent action, it will reduce fat, and it’s often used for acne, although in some people it can cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin.
10. Sometimes, if mixed with sugar, glycolic acids are generated, which act as exfoliates the skin.

Note: Your intake should be reduced in heartburn problems such as gastritis or colitis.

️Tip of the expert: When using pureed or to prepare soups, try not to strain because the fiber is removed.

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