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Top 6 Lord of the Rings Dog Costumes for Halloween

Top 6 Lord of the Rings dog costumes for Halloween. Even if you don’t love dressing up for Halloween, you must admit that dog costumes are pretty amazing. It’s even cuter when you put your dog in a costume from super serious media like The Lord of the Rings series or the new Amazon show, The Rings of Power.

Check out these top six Lord of the Rings dog costumes for Halloween.

Top 6 Lord of the Rings Dog Costumes for Halloween

Top 6 Lord of the Rings Dog Costumes for Halloween

Lady Galadriel

You will adore this idea if you love to laugh at dogs in wigs. Your doggo can go trick-or-treating as Lady Galadriel, one of the main characters from the new show, The Rings of Power. Combine a dog-sized princess dress with a white-blonde wig, and you’ve got yourself a miniature Lady of Lόrien.

One of the Hobbits

There are many reasons to dress your dog up as a hobbit (aka, the “small folk” of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth). Hobbits and dogs are both cute, and they love food. You can make a simple green hobbit cloak from fabric or felt bought at a craft store. Find or make a leaf-shaped closure for the cloak, and you’re ready to take your hobbit to Isengard.

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Top 6 Lord of the Rings Dog Costumes for Halloween

Shelob the Spider

If you’ve watched Peter Jackson’s film trilogy, you know that a giant spider is living in the mountains of Mordor. Spider costumes for dogs are pretty easy to find, but you can easily make your own by putting your dog in a black onesie and attaching fabric legs to the sides. Use black pipe cleaners in the legs to give them shape and make them poseable.

The Riders of Rohan

There’s a famous group of horseback warriors in The Lord of the Rings called the Riders of Rohan. Some of the film’s central characters, like King Theoden and Eowyn, are members of this group. Dress up your dog as one of the riders by putting a costume saddle on their back (you can even find horse costumes for dogs online) and a doll rider dressed up as a fantasy soldier.

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Top 6 Lord of the Rings Dog Costumes for Halloween

Smaug the Dragon

In The Hobbit film trilogy, Smaug is a mighty dragon guarding the Lonely Mountain. You can easily purchase a dragon costume for your dog or make one yourself. It’s simple to make wings and a tail from thick construction paper or cardstock. If you want to go the extra mile, cut your shapes out of felt and hot glue pipe cleaners or coffee stirrers inside to give the wings and tail some shape.

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Top 6 Lord of the Rings Dog Costumes for Halloween – Lord of the Rings dog accessories

Gandalf the Grey

The wizard Gandalf is one of the most popular characters in the series, and his costume is easy to make. Make a gray cloak like the hobbit costume and add a pointy gray hat. If your dog can grow a beard, make sure to grow it out before Halloween!

We hope this list of the top six Lord of the Rings dog costumes for Halloween helps you find the perfect costume for your furry friend. If you plan to take pictures, don’t forget to take them to a professional dog groomer. You want them looking absolutely precious! See what we did there?

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