Top Tips When Visiting New York 2019

Top Tips When Visiting New York 2019 8

Top tips when visiting New York from Totes Newsworthy There is no doubt that New York is the trip of a lifetime, providing that you do it right that is. If you are visiting New York in the year ahead and you’ve never been there before, there are some things …

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Why People Are Taking More Mini Vacations In 2019

Why People Are Taking More Mini Vacations In 2019 (6)

Going on vacation after working so hard for days on end is an excellent way to reward yourself. There is no greater feeling than going to a serene place to loosen up and be away from all the hectic schedule and the stress that comes along with it. Nevertheless, there …

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Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and Green Tea

Reversing Alzheimer's Disease and Green Tea (3)

Alzheimer is a devastating disease that becomes apparent when old age sets in. According to statistics, 10% of 65yr olds, 25% of 70yr olds, and 50% of 80 yr olds have an almost sure chance of developing the most common form of dementia. The worst part is that this trend …

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Benefits of Drinking Ginger Tea

Tea With Turmeric Among Products For Improving Immunity And Trea 2

For years, ginger has intrigued researchers and scientists alike for its broad applications in ancient medicine. It is rich in antioxidants and contains some minerals that help to alleviate harmful chemicals that our bodies produce during stress. Not only is taking ginger tea refreshing during the cold season but also …

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