Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the Most

Where young professionals are relocating the most. Many young professionals choose to relocate to a new city in search of work or an exciting place to live, but where are they going the most? Our list breaks down some of the most popular relocation destinations for young professionals.

Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the Most

Arlington, Virginia

People love Arlington because it offers the advantages of a big city without the hassles of other major metro areas. Arlington has a very low unemployment rate thanks to the many industries close to Washington DC that call it home.

It also has many public transportation options, including to DC, making it a reasonable commute for young professionals who want to work in the nation’s capital. Plus, Arlington is surrounded by natural Virginia beauty, including the gorgeous Mount Vernon trail!

Austin, Texas

Austin has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. It is a spot where young professionals are relocating the most. Along with warm weather for most of the year, Austin is a hub for tech startups, so much so that some consider it a second Silicon Valley.

But Austin isn’t just a great place to find a career; it’s also the perfect city to have fun! As the Live Music Capital of the World, there’s always a show to catch in Austin while you enjoy world-class BBQ. There’s a lot to know about relocating and living in Texas, but it’s one of the best places for starting or advancing your career.

Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the Most 2

Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the Most – Best state to move to for young adults

Denver, Colorado

Colorado has become a magnet for relocators—whether for their career or just because they love to ski! The Mile High City boasts a low unemployment rate and is the home to many major corporations that contribute to a strong job market.

Denver isn’t just about skiing—it’s also one of America’s best beer cities, with numerous breweries. The city hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival. For live music lovers, the nearby Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the best places to catch a concert in the country!

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Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the Most

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison has always been considered one of the best college towns, but it’s also growing its reputation as a hub for young professionals. Fortune 500 companies like Spectrum Brands and American Family Insurance call Madison home, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison also always needs fresh young professionals.

Fun Fact: Madison is known as the “Four Lake City,” but five lakes actually border the city: Monona, Waubesa, Wingra, Kegonsa, and Mendota.

The winters may be cold in Madison, but there are still plenty of things to do, like going to a college sporting event, biking one of the many nearby trails, or enjoying the lakes that border the city!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When you think of Pittsburgh, you imagine the steelworkers and factories that earned it the “Steel City” nickname in the 20th century. But Pittsburgh is now home to many other industries besides steel. It is the home for many top companies in sectors like:

  • Financial services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy
  • Robotics

Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the MostPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Where Young Professionals Are Relocating the Most

Pittsburgh also has a low cost of living for a central metro area, making it an attractive relocation spot for young professionals. And there are tons of fun things to do in the Steel City, from getting a bite at the Strip District to cheering on the Steelers at Heinz Field!

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