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Top Historical Attractions in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Top Historical Attractions in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Top travel experts list the top attractions in Gettysburg for travelers to check out this year.

Many tourists that are American history buffs will want to make the pilgrimage out to the site of the infamous Gettysburg battlefield at least once in their lifetime. There are so many historical sites throughout Gettysburg that it may seem overwhelming to first-time visitors. Luckily, many experts have them covered with these top recommendations for must-see Gettysburg historical locations.

One of the first things that travelers will want to do is visit the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center. This museum is typically the best place to begin a tour of Gettysburg, as it sets the stage for what happened and gives guests plenty of visuals to take with them as they explore the area’s battlefields and memorials.

Visitors Center and Museum of the Gettysburg National Historic Site

The Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center is also a great place to purchase tour tickets for professional tours of the area to give travelers an unforgettable lesson in American history. A book store and gift shop give guests an excellent chance to pick up a souvenir that they can bring home as well.

Most experts recommend that after the Museum, travelers head to the Gettysburg National Park to begin their trek into American history. The park is open from 6 am to 10 pm in the summer, and 6 am to 7 pm in the winter. Entrance to the park is free, but it is recommended that new visitors pick up a tour map and an audio guide to assist them through their journey across the park.

Because the Battle of Gettysburg was fought over three days, many battlefields located various distances from one another in the park. The truly adventurous can walk from location to location, but many choose to take a tour bus or drive themselves across the park’s roadways to visit all the different sites promptly.

The Gettysburg National Military Park - Top Historical Attractions in Gettysburg

Top Historical Attractions in Gettysburg – The Gettysburg National Military Park

After touring the national park and museum, people suggest that travelers check out the Gettysburg Museum of History, not to be confused with the Museum and Visitor Center. This museum features over four-thousand artifacts, and travelers may recognize the museum and its curator from shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers. The museum is free to visit, and beyond featuring Civil War artifacts, it also features exhibits based on the two World Wars, American Presidents, and more.

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