Suspected Poacher Eaten Alive by lions near Kruger National Park

Suspected Poacher Eaten Alive by lions near Kruger National Park

Suspected Poacher Eaten Alive by lions close to the famous Kruger National Park has got the media and animal rights activists stirring. Poaching in South Africa is a deadly game if you get caught the outcome will not be pretty. The authorities are trying to identify the remains as very little is left. There does not seem to be any love lost for the victim as poaching has now lead to certain breeds of animals big brought closer to extinction.

Poaching is on the rise the African Lion population has seen a decrease of 43% between 1993 and 2014.

Poachers in national park trying to help elephants

Then there are the unfortunate elephants being slaughtered. The meat is left to rot, that could feed an entire village, and all that for Ivory tusks that are cut off with chainsaws. Black Rhinos face the same issue hunted by poachers for there tusks. Then again left to rot and the meat is spoiled. These poachers are the scum of the earth. Does one have pity for the poacher? Most likely not only that more may suffer the same fate.


The famous Lion Ceil killed by Walter Pamer DDS was baited from a park. So they go into a Park drag a smelly carcass off the park property and once off the Park Preserve, tell the hunter to shoot him. That is not how the hunt is supposed to happen. The Dr. felt the repercussions worldwide and never knew what he did wrong. It was the guide allegedly. Well at least so the story goes but is name will live in infamy.

More and more wild game is killed by poaching. This an epidemic that can’t seem to be stopped. People seem to hate Zoo’s and think the animal is best in his or local habitat. Well, it seems they are safer in a Zoo where someone won’t shoot them then cut their Tusks off and let them rot when again a whole village could have been well fed. Poachers are despicable and should be jailed for years.

Imagine a heard of wild elephants walking along minding their own business and out of the woods and with little ones then are shot and killed only, so someone cut their tusks off and seel them on the black market. Some believe it helps with male fertility. Try Viagra it seems to more efficient and less cruel.

Karma comes in different ways for this mutilated poacher he got as John Lennon phrased it Instant Karma is going to get you.

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