why you should not wear nail polish all the time

Why you should not wear nail polish all the time?

Yes, nail polish is something that any woman we love, because apart from give a special touch to our look, it also makes our hands to look super nice; however, how good it is to have them always painted? the truth is that we believe it is not as convenient; We do not say you should never paint your nails anymore, just don’t make it a routine.

The reasons?

First, it is important to note that most nail polishes are made from certain chemicals and substances harmful to health; to be exact, with the famous “toxic trio” which is dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde, which are the components responsible for the malleability and enamel pigmentation.

In addition, our nails also have pores and need to breathe, so paint them continuously will make them to slowly absorbe lacquer, reaching such a degree that the nail begins to change color.

And no, the idea is not to be scared throw all your polishes; actually the purpose of these article is simply that you know the ingredients of the beauty products that you use frequently, so based on that you have a greater awareness and occasionally you give a break to your body or in this case your nails… you can be sure they will thank you.

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