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The Most Common Harsh Mistakes in Facial Cleansing

The most common harsh mistakes in facial cleansing. Washing your face seems the less complicated task of your beauty routine. But bad habits can cause a long list of skin problems, including dryness, irritation, excess of fat, and rashes.

Discover what are the 10 most common harsh mistakes in facial cleansing:

1. You don’t use the correct cleansing: A cleansing cream must properly remove dirt and makeup. But it should not be too strong that removes natural oils and healthy skin cells.

2. Clean too much: It’s okay to clean your skin once or twice a day. Doing it more times can irritate your skin, or you can produce too much oil. Therefore, if you don’t wear makeup, do not apply suntan lotion, or don’t sweat a lot one day, you can skip the facial cleansing routine that night. From time to time, give it a rest to your skin so it keeps healthy.

3. Exfoliate too much: Exfoliate the skin is healthy to remove dead skin cells, but moderation is the key. We suggest you to dit two or three times a week. Use your hands instead of gloves, as they may irritate the skin.

4. Use irritating ingredients: Make a favor to your face and avoid ingredients that irritate the skin as fragrances, dyes or synthetic preservatives like parabens, or surfactants, which can cause allergic skin reactions. Our advice is to always read the ingredients so you know what ingredientes are you putting on your skin.

5. Rub your skin with the towel. Be gently when dry your skin, do not rub. Rubbing can give you the feeling that you are cleaning fine, but you’re actually attacking elastin. And do not use any towel. Use a clean, soft towel.

6. Waiting too long to hydrate: To improve absorption and help seal the moisture, apply your moisturizer immediately after cleansing, while the skin is still damp.  If you wait until the skin is too dry, it will be more difficult than the active ingredients act on the skin.

The Most Common Harsh Mistakes in Facial Cleansing

The Most Common Harsh Mistakes in Facial Cleansing

7. Spend a fortune: SPENDING your savings in a cleansing cream is not the smartest thing you can do. Looking for a simple cream with natural ingredients. Keep the money for products that will stay on your skin and offer long-term benefits, such as serums and moisturizers.

8. Do not discard the oil: It has long been said that the oils were the enemy of the pores. But the expert opinion is changing. Now it is said that all skin types can benefit from cleaning with oil, even oily skin and acne-prone. A good oil clean pores of dirt and bacteria while helping to maintain a healthy and balanced skin. Search for a natural facial cleansing oils of vegetable origin or you can even try high quality oils of almond, apricot kernel, grape, etc.

TIP: If you want a perfect finish, after your cleanser head over the tonic, or thermal water. You will see that there are still traces of dirt.

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