Is Having Ink And Piercings Worth It?

Is having ink and piercings worth it? In today’s society, everyone seems to have a tattoo of sorts. Some more than others yet some in very discreet places. The fact is personal art on your body can be a very cool thing. But what are the downfalls? The other day an executive spoke with us at Totes Newsworthy about hiring people.

Is Having Ink And Piercings Worth It?

Is Having Ink And Piercings Worth It? 6

Is having ink and piercings worth it?

Supposing a person was working with people signing agreements and they had inked on their forearm and hand. It may not have been offensive, but enough to perhaps have one of the many decision makers say let’s pass on this person.

Is Having Ink And Piercings Worth It? 4

The fact is people spend thousands having the artwork done yet thousands having them removed. Both industries are booming.

When applying for a job the visible art that you cannot hide like neck and hands or large gages maybe your personal choice to wear in your earlobes. Other piercing that may be visible that makes you unique. That, of course, is your choice.

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But at what price does it come at? If you are a famous rock star worth millions, this may be part of your image but if you the average person looking for gainful employment, could cause an adverse effect.

The bottom line is that you one first impression. This impression may not be of the liking of the person who will hire you. So think twice about where you want your INK or Piercings placed. If the whole world can see them, you find yourself limited to specific opportunities that could be yours.

Looking different is a choice fine if you are an adult then fine. But the choice you make will last for life even Tatoo removal leaves scars. Ear gages need surgery that will not be covered under an insurance plan. So maybe think twice before you make that decision.

I remember going to a cell phone store, and the fellow had a black arm bandage on so I asked him how did you hurt yourself? He said no I did not hurt my self I have a tattoo and they make me cover it up. Now I seem to notice any other wearing turtlenecks at 100 plus degrees outside. To hide their neck tattoos.

Is Having Ink And Piercings Worth It? 5

Is having ink and piercings worth it?

What you may decide as cool body art now may affect you in years to come. Imagine explaining your tramp stamp with explicit verbiage to your four-year-old. Well, you can have it lasered off for a few thousand and have a nice scar as a reminder. Choose that right for you. I have many friends that have an enormous amount of ink yet while at work you can never tell.

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