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How Much is Your Personal online Reputation Management Worth?

How Much is Your Personal online Reputation Management Worth?

Your personal online reputation is a hugely underrated and under-appreciated part of who you are. And by extension, part of who/what your business is. And vice-versa.JW Maxx Solutions believes it’s essential to start thinking of both of them being intertwined. Something you do, personally, that is good makes the business look good. If your business starts operating shadily, that’s going to be on your head. Most people underrate their personal online reputation, but how much is your reputation management worth? This article will dig right into that for you!

Does my personal online reputation affect me?

Short answer – yes. Long answer – heck, yes! Your personal online reputation is how everyone surfing the web perceives you; it will transfer to how people view you in real life, too. The problem with online reputation management is that it’s tremendously hard to build a good one, and disturbingly easy to develop a bad one. There is a common saying by JW Maxx Solutions that one bad review negates ten good ones. People aren’t looking to see how great someone or something is; they are looking to see where they fall short. If you develop a reputation online for being unreasonable, untrustworthy, or unreliable, then that will follow you and your business around for years to come. Potentially forever, if you don’t take enough steps to rectify the situation. You can’t ever stop thinking about your online reputation, or mistakes will start to slip through the cracks. First, it’s droplets, then it’s waterfalls, and before you know it, your business and personal life is suffering.


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The consequences of laziness

As mentioned above, you must remain ever vigilant and cautious regarding how you are perceived online. The most significant consequence you will find is the fallout from neglect. It sounds harsh, but failing to take proper care is a natural form of neglect to your company. You wouldn’t forget to brush your teeth, comb your hair, or put in some deodorant, would you? Your physical appearance and your online appearance should be treated with the same respect. If you turned up at a meeting with greasy hair, bad breath, and a cobbled-together outfit, do you think you come across professional and reliable? No. You come across as unreliable and poorly organized. It’s the same if your online presence is poorly managed and riddled with harmful content. Laziness also means not spell checking, not fact-checking, and not requesting permission from the relevant people before making a post. Personal or professional.

The benefits of proper Reputation Management

The benefits of proper management are phenomenal. First of all, there isn’t enough time in the day to manage all of your social media accounts, go back over old ones, check reviews and comments, and ensure everything is on the up and up. The biggest problem is that it’s your responsibility to police not only your content but how other people react with it. If someone makes a racist joke as a comment to a picture your business posted, you are in for a wild ride. You need to address it, delete it, condemn it, and try to educate your other commenters about why that comment doesn’t represent your brand. By default, if someone does something wrong in your comment section, it’s almost as bad as if you said it yourself. That’s not quite fair, but that’s how others will feel. That’s quite a complicated and overwhelming idea to come to terms with. It’s a lot of responsibility for you, the business owner, to manage. Luckily, if you have a good reputation management team, they can handle ALL of that for you. You’ll end up saving money in person-hours alone.


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What to look for in a personal reputation management team?

A personal reputation management team like JW Maxx Solutions needs to do a few things for you, above all else. First, it needs to make your life easier, not harder. You want someone who will handle everything, not just the easy parts. Management of social media is tedious, not overly hard. What is hard is ensuring third party content fairly reflects you and your business. For example, companies such as JW Maxx Solutions will even create new, positive content to help promote your business while simultaneously suppressing harmful content. So, how much is your reputation management worth? A lot. How much is your time worth? As a business owner, is your time best spent policing the comment section or running the business? That’s a decision you need to make. But I think you already know the answer.



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