How Hackers Use Social Media To Access Your Accounts

How Hackers Use Social Media To Access Your Accounts

Hackers use social media sites as fertile beds as information about you. Think hard about what you share on social media sites. Now think about the passwords you use to access your accounts.

Information such as your dog’s name, the name of your children, partner, or parents is generally posted along with pictures and videos. If you are using that same information to create passwords, now would be an excellent time to change them.

Don't use your dogs name as a password

Don’t use your pets name as a password

Look at it from the fraudster’s point of view. If your goal is gathering as much personal information about a stranger as possible, one obvious and easy place to start would be social media accounts. Once enough data is collected, access to personal accounts and especially cell phones becomes much more accessible. And the goal of accessing your mobile phone account is simple.

A high percentage of people now do at least some of their banking through mobile apps. Take a moment and let that fact sink in.

How Hackers use Social Media sites

A high percentage of people now do at least some of their banking through mobile apps. Take a moment and let that fact sink in.

Hackers use social media to access your accounts by what is now known as social engineering. To accomplish this, they can begin with as little information as your name and phone number.

One of the latest types of hack plaguing the telecommunications industry is called a SIM swap. Fraud through social engineering happens typically by phone, but the hackers are now utilizing text messaging and online chats more every day. The process usually begins with hackers using the information gained on social media to call your telecommunications company’s customer service department. They will be persuasive and charm an unsuspecting customer service representative into believing that they are the account holder.

How hackers swap SIM cards

Once the hacker has access to your phone account, they will request to do the SIM swap. Then, once they have successfully swapped out your SIM card for their own, they will have immediate access to any mobile apps you have downloaded. They will also have access to any user names and passwords you have saved intentionally or not deleted from your phone’s history.

hacker or criminal use phishing to steal online money

Also, it is essential to remember that hackers can call the company over and over again. They do not have to succeed on just one call ultimately. They can continue to call, each time speaking with a different representative to gain information little by little until they succeed. At this point, the victim is usually unaware that they are being hacked because any potential alerts are being directed to the hacker, not the legitimate person on the account.

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