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Internet Reputation Management for Teens

Teens are making headlines in the media as they attempt to mold a reputation, control networks and conceal information on the Internet. Indeed, Internet reputation management for teens is becoming a popular trend.

Internet Reputation Management for Teens

According to JW Maxx Solutions, teens are among most people online making use of Internet reputation management techniques. Being aware of the nature of their online reputation, they have continuously taken steps to mask out any information that would seem too personal and perhaps share it with friends. The problem comes when they are in the recruitment stage of there life be it College or a new career. The past can always come back to haunt you.

Incidentally, some of the ways they have attempted to manage their online profiles have been through Internet reputation management companies such as JW MAXX SOLUTIONS.
During my research, I noted that up to 59% of teens online had probably edited or opted to delete a post they had published online while 53% had removed comments about them from other people on their profiles. Also, 45% had taken down captions from their photos, especially if those pictures had been tagged to them.

Again, I noticed that up to 31% had decided to close an entire profile from social media sites while 19% regularly posted updated reports such as comments inform of written content, photos or even video uploads, which they further felt guilty of sharing.

Their actions and those of reputation management companies

With many teens opting to edit their profiles to fit a particular level, JW MAXX SOLUTIONS says that this procedure is not any different from the efforts they put when restoring a damaged reputation. In fact, the company adds that Internet reputation management isn’t just for teens but rather any person who finds it necessary to conceal information that appears personal to him or may affect the outcome of there life and future.

The age limit among teens could be discussed at length as far as those highly sensitive to personal details and the need to continue editing their profiles; I also realized that about six in every ten teens are college and high school kids who keep monitoring their profiles for comments and information that would seem defamatory to them.
Are numbers applicable?

The statistics don’t contribute a lot towards teen’s behavior changes on Internet usage as far as how the searcher who is vetting them makes his or her determination. For this reason, Internet reputation management companies have taken steps to help those that may have made a few mistakes now they want to look spotless, so they have more doors open than closed. Remember what you post.

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