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Common Marketing Problems for Small Businesses

Your small business is a central part of your daily life and personal identity. You put in more work than most of your peers, but you find your advertising efforts falling short. These are a few of the most common marketing problems for small businesses that you should address.

Low Visibility

Nearly every small business faces getting lost in the reeds of advertisements, especially when on a tight budget. Larger companies and corporations can pay their way to the best ad placements and saturate the market with their presence. However, low visibility is not an insurmountable problem. In the age of technology, social media marketing is a free and easy way to generate visibility among key demographics. People spend an increasingly long amount of time on their smartphones and social media apps—all of which allow for organic growth and natural visibility. Meet people where they are and focus on representing your brand online.

Common Marketing Problems for Small Businesses

Common Marketing Problems for Small Businesses – Undiversified Methods

If you have pigeonholed your marketing strategies into only one or two avenues, you are limiting the demographics you will reach. For example, if you focus only on roadside billboards, you are only reaching people with transportation capacities and those on that specific stretch of road. To combat this issue, you must diversify your methods and dive into new media and advertising spaces. Consider focusing on digital marketing and email campaigns. With the right online presence, web searchers can find you more easily, and you are more likely to receive a higher volume of customers. You can also try investing in the community and building brand recognition at charity and non-profit events. Present yourself to the community as an ally who stands with them. People will associate positivity with your business. Use both these digital and communal marketing practices to expand your marketing horizons.

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Ineffective Signage

The signage you display inside and outside your store affects how consumers relate to your business. Be sure to avoid the most common signage mistakes and focus on how you can improve your displays. At the end of the day, signage is all about communication. This chain of information can break down at any point along the way: inception, formulation, implementation, reception, and response. Whether it is the idea itself, or how viewers translate it, presenting your business through signage impacts your marketing efforts. Look for ways to refine your wording, narrow your theme, and demonstrate your business’ mission. Effective signage should take a customer from uninformed passivity to engaged action.

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Knowing the common marketing problems for small businesses helps you reflect on your venture and change ineffective strategies. Take these ideas into account at your next marketing meeting and find new ways to increase brand awareness and profits.

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