5 New Technologies That will Change Your Life

5 Technologies that will change your life. Today’s world of constant innovation is brutal to keep up. Many new technologies have minimal impact on our daily lives. However, there are several that can literally change our world. The following are several emerging technologies that will have a significant effect on the lives of ordinary people.

5 New Technologies That will Change Your Life

Living Robots

First, incredible research and work are being done in the field of living robots. Microbiology researchers at Tufts University have successfully combined micro-robotic substances with single cells from a species of African frog. While studies are still in the beginning stages, researchers are already predicting that these hybrids of living cells and robotics will handle extremely dangerous tasks to humans, such as cleaning toxic waste sites and retrieving plastic from the depths of the ocean. While the idea of a living robot may seem scary to some, it is essential to remember the incredible good they can be programmed to do for ourselves and our environment. For more information please visit https://www.bostondynamics.com/

3 D Printers

The next technology is not as new; however, it continues to advance at a rapid pace. 3-D printers, while incredibly expensive and challenging to operate at first, are now becoming much more common and less costly. When the 3-D printer is programmed and fed a substance such as plastic, it creates a 3-D object by building tiny layers of the substance on top of each other until the product is complete. While first used for simple things such as toys and souvenirs, the possibilities are endless, including the recent completion of an entire home frame constructed completely with 3-D printers.

5 New Technologies That will Change Your Life

Bio Concrete

After several years, a team of researchers, Holland’s Henk Yonkers of the Delft University of Technology, believes he has created the formula for living concrete. While concrete has been used for centuries, the problem is that it is porous, and cracks allow for water to seep through and weaken the structure. By mixing regular concrete with bacteria in the form of spore-forming Bacillus, the concrete structure can heal itself when cracks occur. Thus roads, bridges, and buildings can remain solid and intact for much more extended periods of time. For more information please visit https://www.generalkinematics.com/

Vacuum Tube Trains

As far as human transportation goes, most people are comfortable traveling in cars, trains, and planes. However, Elon Musk is at the forefront of researching and building ultra fast vacuum tube train travel. With his Hyperloop Alpha design, cars and train cabins can move through vacuum tubes with onboard recharging batteries at speeds approaching 700 miles per hour. Imagine being able to work in a city over three hundred miles away, and your commute is only half an hour each way.


And finally, there are the exo-vests and exo-skeletons. These are strong robotic types of equipment that are currently being used for many purposes. Initially designed to help those with spinal injuries or a lack of strength in the limbs, their uses are growing. Many industries that still require heavy lifting or repetitive reaching are beginning to utilizing them for their workers. They significantly decrease on-the-job injuries and increase productivity as the workers are less tired when supported by this equipment.

So these are just a few examples of how new and emerging technologies may affect your life in the very near future. There are also innovations occurring in almost every industry on earth that are tied to new technologies.

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