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The PPE Equipment Wildland Firefighters Need

A wildland firefighter trudges through many challenges with their heads held high and heavy equipment strapped around them to prevent physical harm from forest fires. As you learn about the PPE equipment wildland firefighters need, ensure that you have each of these items on your “to get” list so you aren’t showing up unprepared for work.

The PPE Equipment Wildland Firefighters Need

Shirts, Pants, and Overalls

With many potential accidents that occur from falling trees, debris, and even burning plants, you need to be aware of your surroundings, even while wearing wildland firefighter protective gear.

The first items you need are shirts, pants, and overalls. When shopping for your shirts, ensure that the material is 100% nylon or polyester. The shirt must come from a fire-resistant material—cotton and other natural materials aren’t a good choice.

The nylon and polyester are synthetic, which means they are non-flammable and cause the plastic inside of the fabric to melt from the heat instead of igniting.


You may think boots are boots, but the right type can help make hiking long distances less rough and more tolerable when in different climates. For instance, when you’re in a muddy area, you want the boots to be steel-toed to protect yourself from sinking into the mud. The boots are even beneficial when working in industries that require extensive walking and lifting.

While looking for boots, pick ones that are thick and protect your feet from falling debris. Firefighters have to endure rough paths and walk through dangerous areas filled with junk that contain sharp objects. Stick with a boot that protects your feet well rather than a pair that has a cool design.

The PPE Equipment Wildland Firefighters Need

The PPE Equipment Wildland Firefighters Need

Specialized Gloves

The gloves you plan to buy depend on how well they protect the back of your hands. The material wildland firefighters use is PPE standard gloves.

The PPE gloves contain a fire-proof material that protects the back of your hands while clearing burnt brush out of the way.

While searching for the right gloves, look for ones with an extended cuff covering the entire hand and wrist. You risk harming yourself from burns or sharp objects falling around you without protecting the wrist.

Helmets – The PPE Equipment Wildland Firefighters Need

The most important part of the job is to protect your head. When in the field, you’re going to encounter moments where an area appears unsafe to walk or run through to put out a fire or rescue someone. So, the best piece of equipment you can have is your helmet.

For the best protection against fallen debris or other objects, look for covers that meet NFPA 1977 PPE standards and that have measurements to help you determine the best size for your head.

The PPE Equipment Wildland Firefighters Need

Working as a wildland firefighter is a job that you need to always be prepared for, and you should have the right equipment. As you’ve learned about the PPE equipment wildland firefighters need, you’re a step away from performing your job safely and efficiently.

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