5 Jobs That Require Physical Fitness

Jobs that require physical fitness. Countless studies have shown that sitting all day at your desk job can lead to serious health troubles. Our ancestors, who spent hours working with their hands, would be rolling in their graves if they saw how most of us work and how soft it’s made us. So, before you jump into a new career, you should check the physical requirements because you may think you’re in good shape until your first day. Check out these jobs that require physical fitness.

5 Jobs That Require Physical Fitness

Contractor or Construction Worker

Whether you’re a contractor doing residential work or an industrial construction worker, fitness should be a priority for you. For instance, a day in the life of a residential contractor could involve changing a roof, laying bricks, drywalling, or painting—all of which require strength and stamina. On the other hand, an industrial construction worker often works on heavy machinery, building maintenance, and so on. So, you better start pumping some iron before you start.


We like to think of gardeners and landscapers as that cute old lady we see working in her backyard. However, maintaining your personal garden and being a professional landscaper are polar opposites. A professional landscaper lays mulch, and they’re constantly bent pulling weeds or carry heavy equipment, such as branch or hedge trimmers. In addition, many landscapers do brickwork such as building retaining walls, and some retaining wall bricks can weigh over fifty pounds each!


The brave men and women that serve our communities deserve more credit than they receive when it comes to fitness. The job itself is physically demanding, whether you’re breaking down doors or helping to carry someone in need to safety. On top of that, personal protection equipment is incredibly important in the daily life of a firefighter, and it can add approximately fifty additional pounds to their back.

Law Enforcement

Likewise, police officers and other law enforcement professionals need to take care of their fitness to be their best on the job. The nature of the job requires law enforcement officers to be ready and able to respond to a variety of situations that help serve and protect their communities.

Professional Dancer

Professional dancers are in crazy good shape because everything they do is based on their body weight. Most people don’t consider the arts as a physically intensive career, but dance requires incredible strength and stamina. Whether you’re in the middle of a rehearsal or a performance, dancers are repeatedly doing jump squats, occasionally lifting other dancers, and so on.

Before you begin any job that isn’t the 9-to-5 desk job, do your research on the physical requirements. While some of these jobs that require physical fitness aren’t surprising, others are more physically demanding than people realize.

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