Online Reputation Experts Discuss Facts of Social Media Posts
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Online Reputation Experts Discuss Facts of Social Media Posts

Online Reputation Experts JW Maxx Solutions explains one much talked about a story has that comes from Prior Lake, Minnesota, where a young girl was viciously attacked online by her peers. Through the app Snapchat, the 14-year-old African American girl was bullied by two classmates whose assaults included racially charged remarks. The girl’s father, Brad Knudson, confronted the parents of the children who were conducting the attacks. He, however, was met with equally offensive voicemails from the attackers’ father who defended his children’s actions and added some of his offensive remarks.

Online Reputation Experts agree that cases of online bullying have been far too prevalent in modern culture and have led to violence, self-harm, depression, and even suicide of the victims. One of the reasons that these types of online attacks between young people continue to occur is that many children and young adults do not realize the impact that their actions online have or that these activities can distress those around them and can equally impact their own lives. In the case of those who bully online, the buffer of the internet disconnects them from their victim and hides the reactions of those that they attack. Because of this, some do not realize the harm that they are causing and feel free from accountability. In these cases, and in cases where children talk to strangers online, post their private information, or otherwise misbehave on the Internet, they do not understand the full ramifications of their actions.

They can also protect their reputations and the future reputations of the next generation.

This ongoing issue is aggravated by the fact that parents are not taking accountability for their children and are not teaching them that their conduct will have consequences. In the case of the Prior Lake incident, the father of the attacking teens did not care about his children’s actions online and instead decided to perpetuate them, causing more harm to the initial victim and her family. Further, his actions will also impact his own life.

This story has taken hold of social media and reached thousands, and what this man has done will not soon be forgotten. This story will be seen when he applies for loans and jobs and will be front and center if he ever wants to have any reputation in his community.

Online Reputation experts such as JW Maxx Solutions in Phoenix Arizona CEO Walter Halicki states “We will see more and more litigation and consequences for online bullying and parents will pay the price” everywhere know that this kind of scandal can destroy a personal reputation.

Harmful actions will have negative results and rarely will such actions only bring harm to the initial victim. This father’s careless actions and disregard for others has and will continue to cause damage. His children will probably not learn until far too late that their efforts have lasting consequences because their father is setting an example that leads them to believe it is ok to spread harm and hate through technology. If they continue these actions, there is no end to who they may hurt.

Once something is online, it has the potential of staying there forever, and causing residual harm in addition to the preliminary injury. Hurtful comments, damaging remarks, and self-harming images are preserved indefinitely and often circulated far more widely than intended. Many adults do not understand just how damaging a moment online can be to their livelihood, or to someone else’s, this is it nearly impossible to expect children to understand this concept unless they are taught otherwise. It is the responsibility of every parent to educate their children about the dangers of the online world and to understand the consequences themselves. If parents take responsibility and teach their children the right way, they can help prevent issues like cyberbullying and its costly repercussions.

They can also protect their reputations and the future reputations of the next generation.

Walter Halicki is the CEO of JW Maxx Reputation Solutions a leading online reputation management firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. With the slogan “Have some dirt online? We’ll clean it up!” JW Maxx Solutions Online Reputation Experts that are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike build and maintain pristine online reputations. Whether a company needs help ramping up its exposure, cleaning up its Google results, or getting better reviews online, JW Maxx Solutions can help with specialty tools, techniques, and consult, as well as customized plans to fit every client’s needs and budget. #stopcyberbullying. Read more about online reputation companies and why are they hired.

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