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Crypto Madness as Etherium Soars

Crypto madness as Etherium soars. The cryptocurrency craze has gone global people are trying to get in the game, and some are wondering if it is too late? The answer is no. There are dips and ups and downs, but crypto is here to stay. The Bitcoin fans have made some people rich beyond belief overnight, and others are trying to get in.

Crypto Madness as Etherium Soars

The Etherium blockchain is the coin or token of choice that will prevail over the long haul leaving some of the others in the dust and worthless. If you are looking to invest in crypto, don’t look for what is new and trending invest in the best.

Crypto Madness as Etherium Soars

The blockchain behind Etherium is by far the most trusted and great for smart contracts. Will Bitcoin and others be the same? Bitcoin has it’s ups and downs however ETH has been on a steady uptake and keeps growing as the go-to choice for many?

It seems the people who had thought Bitcoin was used for black market purposes are finding that companies like Coinbase are very regulated and there is transparency. If you have made lots of profit on Bitcoin or Etherium and thought you would not have to pay tax on it, think again. Many over the next few years will forego their luxurious lifestyle for one that is inside a 6X9 cell. So pay your taxes and see a good accountant.

  • Etherium has climbed 40% over the last 30 days and keeps going higher and higher.
  • Monero has taken over the bad boy image of the token of black marketers looking for anonymity, but how long will that last.

Riding The Crypto Waves of Ups and Downs

Buy the best, Etherium is by far the most stable, and Bitcoin has been so unpredictable to enter at this stage could be the right move then maybe it won’t. Never invest more than you are willing to lose these are strange waters we enter, and nobody knows for sure.

Coinbase is by far the choice of many and has been considered the gold standard in the USA. Don’t deal with just any company out there when your wallet becomes large, you will want your money, and they offer the best and most secure way to purchase Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin.

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