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How to Crack your Lower Back

How to Crack your Lower Back? Cracking your lower back is often known to relieve pressure and stress. It is a very normal process and can be triggered even without doing it intentionally. For example, when you get up from a chair after sitting for a long time or when you suddenly change positions in sleep. And when it occurs on its own, there is nothing to be concerned about, as it happens to most people. The cracking sound that occurs when you try to move your back can be due to various reasons, like the slight movement of discs and ligaments or friction against the muscles.

How to Crack your Lower Back?

Though cracking offers temporary relief to some strain, it is unnecessary to continue regularly as it may cause more harm than benefit. Older adults or persons with pre-existing joint or back problems should be more cautious with cracking their lower back. It is advised to try these exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist.

best tips on how to Crack your Lower Back

There are various ways one can experiment with how to crack their lower back.

Often you have already discovered most of the primary ways by yourself, but yet there are some of the expert techniques that you may find new. Some of them are:

How to Crack your Lower Back

One of the most basic techniques is the sitting technique, where you sit in a standard chair and take both your hands to your back and join the fingers. Then it would help if you slowly rubbed against your back up and down. After some time, there should be a cracking or popping sound. Even if it doesn’t crack, it should be enough to relax your back.

Another common technique is the twisting technique, where you sit in a chair and hold your right hand to the right side of your chair or your left hand to the left hand of the chair and twist your back to your right, and you’re left accordingly. This is a straightforward way to crack your back. It shouldn’t be stretched for long enough as it may cause unnecessary strain on your back if continued for a longer duration.

You can lie on the floor or on a mat keeping your body fixed to the floor. Then pull up your right leg a little bit and enclose it over the left leg gently. After that, try to bring your left hand, grab your right leg, and slowly push it towards the left side, producing a cracking sound. You can do the same procedure for the left leg also and continue the process vice versa.

You can also stand still and hold your lower back with both your hands. Then try to bend backward such that pressure falls on the lower back part. Continue to stretch as long as you feel comfortable and stop when a cracking sound occurs.

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You can lie on the edge of your bed in a sleeping position where only your head and a little portion of your back should be outside the bed. You can slowly tilt your head and your back towards the ground as long as you feel comfortable.

You can stand still and raise both your hands and slowly bend down forward and try to touch your feet. While stretching, you shouldn’t force it, and a slight effort is enough to produce a cracking sound and relieve your back.

Standing straight and spinning your upper half of the body on the same axis is also a convenient way to crack your back. Once to the right and once to the left with very little force, it should be turned very slowly.

How to crack your lower back you should seek a professional as this is not a medical site.

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