Disruptive Climate Activists May Be Put On No Fly List?

Disruptive climate activists may be put on No Fly list after the latest stunt in Hamburg, Germany. For law enforcement officials and politicians throughout Europe, the increase in disruptive activities utilized by extreme climate activists is making it necessary for them to increase the penalties for their actions.

The recent events in the United Kingdom and Germany have again brought the discussion to the forefront. In London, blocking main highways and busy intersections for hours at a time frequently results in anger directed at protestors.

Disruptive Climate Activists May Be Put On No Fly List

Everyone agrees that the growing climate change situation needs to be addressed; however, people are getting fed up with the tactics used by disruptive activists. Using more severe penalties, such as being placed on the No Fly list, is designed to make members of these groups using disruptive tactics reconsider their activities.

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Disruptive Climate Activists May Be Put On No Fly List

There have been disruptions in aviation operations, including an incident in Hamburg, Germany. Two climate activists from the “Last Generation” Group glued their hands to the airport runway, taking the fight against climate change policies to a new level. Some reports point out that their use of a mix of concrete and epoxy resin glue may be permanent and could lead to some level of amputation.

According to reports, the action reportedly resulted in 36 flights being canceled and an additional 10 rerouted. For most people responding to polling in the surrounding area, it seems like a small result considering hands may have to be amputated in return.

Among the major demands of the “Last Generation” group is the reduction of carbon emissions by 2023, and they believe that governments aren’t doing enough to address climate change. The protest method at the airport runways seems to be directed at making the public aware that more and more people are choosing air travel despite the higher emissions.

Disruptive Tactics Frequently Used By the Last Generation

According to a TIME magazine report, the German group Letzte Generation (Last Generation) was founded in August 2021, and it began its climate action journey with hunger strikes.

The Time Magazine report noted, “They’re also known for gluing themselves to roadways to block traffic, throwing paint on public monuments, and, most memorably, hurtling mashed potatoes on a painting by Claude Monet at a museum in Potsdam.”

With its list of disruptive tactics growing, Last Generation also faced a police crackdown. Many reports point out that the tensions between climate activists and law enforcement agencies have increased across Europe recently.

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Disruptive Climate Activists May Be Put On No Fly List?

At first, governments responded by imposing heavy fines on the climate activists and even arresting them for the disruptions. However, many feel these actions did not deter the disruptive activists and incidents between protestors and ordinary citizens are becoming increasingly violent.

Multiple Climate Activists Placed on Do Not Fly List?

According to one official who did not want to be named as they were not authorized to speak to the press, several organization members have already allegedly been placed on the “Do Not Fly” list both within Germany and Internationally. The main question that remains for many following the story is how these activists gained access to what should be secure runways.

With these climate activist groups spreading across Europe, law enforcement must develop new procedures for dealing with the increasing disruptions. With blocking traffic on major highways and international runways becoming a more frequent tactic activists use, some politicians are calling for these groups to be labeled as domestic terrorists.

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Disruptive Climate Activists May Be Put On No Fly List?

Clashes between disruptive climate activists are not only with law enforcement but also increasingly with average citizens simply trying to get on with their travels. Photos of commuters dragging activists off roadways are becoming more commonplace as these disruptive attacks continue. As one law enforcement officer stated, “Something has to be done before people start to really get hurt.”.

According to several recent polls, average citizens in several European countries agree with the basic ideals of the group but strongly disagree with the tactics they are employing. One responder stated, “Do they not understand how much additional carbon is going into the air while they make hundreds if not thousands of vehicles idle with their stunts?”

This sentiment has been repeated by many average citizens who are affected by the disruptions. Most people just want to go on with their daily routine and if placing the protestors on the No Fly lists helps reduce the number of disruptions, they strongly support the move.

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