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Bikers Against Child Abuse Come to the Rescue

Bikers against child abuse. It’s fair to say that some bikers don’t have the best reputation. Sure, motorcycle gangs exist. In some places and some countries, in particular, they can be very problematic and even dangerous.

But, not all bikers are like that. You may even be surprised to hear that most bikers are down to earth people who love their families and friends. Bikers get together because they love bikes, not violence. That couldn’t be truer for these bikers. This article is going to cover a group of bikers who did something pretty amazing. By the end, you may have a different opinion on bikers all together.

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Who are the Bikers Against Child Abuse?

The bikers against child abuse are a fantastic organization. They are dedicated to supporting and caring for children who are victims of abuse. They have been doing this for over twenty years now, they have even expanded to countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Because of the nature of their organization, there is a fear that the members of this biker “gang” may not be the most moral people. This isn’t a problem, though. The bikers against child abuse (BACA) perform comprehensive police background checks. Each member had been cleared to work with children specifically, so they know they are getting the right kind of people.

What Precisely Do They Do?

The bikers against child abuse have found that there is a real need for their services. Children who are victims of abuse, particularly from their parents, are in desperate need of a supportive adult figure in their life. Whether they need someone to hold their hand or just wait outside the door. The bikers against child abuse will even accompany the child in their care to court. You see, one of the biggest problems for victims of child abuse is having to face their abuser in court. Often their parents are both the abuser and their parental figure.

A child will be primarily publicly grilled about everything that happened to them. It will often even happen IN FRONT of the person who abused them. This can be very scary, very intimidating, and extremely upsetting for obvious reasons. To combat this, the bikers against child abuse will be there not only to support the child but intimidate the abuser. The bikers may be kind, loving, good-natured people. But, they are still tough. They are even threatening to those they want to intimidate.

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Why do they do it?

They do it because they are good people. They know the value they provide and do their best to offer it as frequently as possible. They don’t do it for money, or for attention, they do it because they know that someone needs to. Someone needs to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themself. Children of abuse are some of the most at-risk people in our communities. As much as we are all aware that the problem exists, we do every little to honestly do anything about it. Bikers against child abuse noticed and the void, and they filled it.

Why do bikers against child abuse do it dressed as bikers?

You might, at first, find it a little strange that they perform their duties dressed as bikers. You might wonder to yourself, “why can’t they just wear normal clothes?”. They could, if they wanted, but they are still at heart a biker “gang.” They may be a good gang, but they are a gang, nonetheless. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been brought together by their love of bikes. Most importantly, though, they need to be dressed as bikers for the idea to work.

The idea is that they are tough and intimidating. This works in two ways. First, the child feels safe and secure, knowing they have some tough, rugged, but loving people at their door or with them in court. The abusive parents will see these tough bikers and will NOT want to mess with their kids anymore. Not when there are two bikers outside the door and a dozen more waiting outside.



Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how significant this gang of bikers truly is. They genuinely are performing excellent service to these children. So what, they love motorbikes? That doesn’t make them a dangerous, violent person. All of these bikers are some of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Their communities are safer places because of them.

For more information please visit Bikers Against Child Abuse website.

For additional information about those dedicated to assisting children, continue reading here.


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