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Best Ways to Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

Best Ways to Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant here are some tips.

Once a woman has decided to have a baby, she’ll do anything to conceive in the next cycle. But sometimes, getting pregnant can feel like a window of luck. According to health experts, a 30-year old woman has a 20% chance of conceiving every month. If you want to increase your chance of getting pregnant, you should have sex before and during ovulation.

Here are expert-approved ways to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Know your ovulation cycle

There are a series of hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body. Once the egg is mature, it’s released to the uterus and remains viable for 24 hours. If a sperm fertilizes it, it travels further down the uterus.

Know your ovulation cycle to increase your chance of getting pregnant

Top Ways to Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

For fertilization to occur, you should have sex during ovulation

If you have a regular cycle, you’ll ovulate two weeks before your periods. If you have an irregular cycle, it can be daunting to predict the ovulation cycle.

There are a few things you can do to know your cycle. Once the ovary that contains the egg develops, your estrogen level increases. This makes the cervical mucus thin and slippery. If you see such changes, you should have sex every day. Another trick to track your ovulation is measuring the basal body temperature. This is a sign you have ovulated, thus an excellent window to have sex.

Get a Preconception Checkup

A preconception checkup ensures your body is ready for pregnancy. Some medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression can take a toll on your body. Also, some prescription drugs can affect your fertility. But with the help of a healthcare provider, you can make a few changes before you conceive.

A preconception checkup can also be necessary if you’ve ever had a premature birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, or a baby with congenital disabilities.

The healthcare provider can recommend folic acid to prevent defects in the brain and spine. If you have an underlying medical problem, you’ll be advised what to do before getting pregnant.

Positive future parents looks happily

Follow these steps to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Stay in Bed after Intercourse

Lying in bed after sex allows the sperm to find its way to the egg, increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Immediately after intercourse, the ejaculate goes to the cervix. If you wait for 10-15 minutes after intercourse, the sperm will get a chance to get to the cervix. If you stand up, the sperms will pull away from the cervix.

Don’t have sex every day

If you want to get pregnant faster, you may be wondering how often you should have sex. While the frequency will depend on personal preference, experts recommend that you don’t have to have sex more than once a day.

Experts suggest that having sex every day can decrease the sperm count – they take a few days to rebound

Best Ways to Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

Instead of having sex every day, you should focus on the fertile window. If timing for sex is making you anxious, you can do it every other day. By following this advice, you’ll realize you had sex during the fertile window. Alternatively, you can plan to have sex three times a week throughout your cycle. The best strategy is to have intercourse when ovulating and while not.


Did you know that stress can hurt your chances of getting pregnant? If you were agonizing through a month’s wait, staring at those negative signs can take a toll on your emotional state. You’ve probably heard of the common phrase – relax and let it happen. The truth is – stress can interfere with ovulation.

It’s normal to feel depressed, angry, or disappointed. However, you should avoid being on an emotional roller coaster if you’re trying to conceive. A recent study found that 20% of women who worry a lot are less likely to carry the pregnancy to full term.

One trick to distress is getting outside. You can go to the pool, play tennis, go skiing, have a picnic, etc. This is an opportunity to bond with others without worrying about your fertility issues.

Did you know that stress can hurt your chances of getting pregnant?

How about practicing relaxation techniques?

Meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques can reduce the production of stress hormones and can increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Even if you’re trying to get discouraged on your journey, you should use positive affirmations. This strategy will help to improve the outlook. Still, you can distress by working out. Be sure to exercise moderately as too much can interfere with the ovulation cycle.

How to  Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant?

Finally, you can reach out for support from friends and family members. If you feel isolated from your partner, you can seek psychological help. You may want to work with a professional in the area of fertility.

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