What are Early Signs of Dementia

What are Early Signs of Dementia, and how do try to spot them? Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that affects someone’s cognitive functioning. It tends to worsen over time and can interfere with our daily lives. Generally, Dementia may affect your ability to think, reason, and remember.

What Are Early Signs of Dementia?

Memory loss

If you’re struggling to retain information or forgetting things, you could have Dementia. For example, you can forget where you placed items in the room. Some people rely on friends or family members to keep track of things. Others forget what comes next in the day or misplace their car keys. If you have difficulty remembering someone you met recently, that’s a red flag.

Difficulty finding the right words

Someone with Dementia will have a hard time finding the right words. Such people can substitute words that don’t fit into the conversation. Others could have a rough time finding words to express what they want. They also have problems understanding others.

Some folks get stuck in their words -but Dementia is beyond this. Such moments can compromise normal functioning on a day-to-day basis. At an early stage, people tend to hide the symptoms.

What are Early Signs of Dementia (2)

What are Early Signs of Dementia?

Difficulty doing familiar tasks

A person with Dementia will find it difficult to operate a computer, change settings on the TV, or make a cup of tea. For example, you could have trouble learning the steps to follow when preparing a meal. Others have problems following new routines or tasks.

Struggling to adapt to change

Someone with Dementia can’t follow what others are saying. Maybe someone can get lost on the way home. Some cannot remember why they went to the store. This can further make them afraid to try new things.


Repetition is commonly associated with general behavioral changes. You could repeat daily tasks like bathing and showering.

Changes in mood

A change in mood can make it easy to recognize yourself. In the early stages, someone can experience depression or appear anxious more than before. One can also feel uneasy due to a change in routine or after being in unfamiliar situations. You may also notice a change from being quiet to outgoing.

Poor judgment

Someone with Dementia may not recognize dangerous situations. For example, one can get outside in summer clothes when it’s freezing outside or try to cross a busy street without waiting until it’s safe. Another example of poor judgment is giving money to people you don’t know.

Challenges in understanding visual information

Sometimes, people with Dementia find it hard to read colors, distances, etc. If one used to cycle or drive, such activities could appear challenging.

Loss of initiative

If you know someone losing interest in friends or family members, they could have Dementia. It’s normal to get tired of business relationships or housework, but most people tend to regain their initiative. People with Dementia feel disinterested and may require cues to become involved.

Early Onset Dementia Symptoms (early stages)

The early onset signs are somehow subtle – they are not obvious. They depend on the type of Dementia and can vary from person to person.

One common onset sign is listlessness. Someone can lose interest in certain activities or hobbies. Others may lose interest in spending time with family or friends.

Some people lack social awareness – can become very withdrawn or show a lack of tact. People with frontotemporal Dementia will have problems with personality. For instance, one can have reduced sensitivity to feelings or make people feel cold. Others become obsessive with things like overeating and developing fads for certain foods.

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What are Early Signs of Dementia?

Symptoms of Dementia – late-stage

Since Dementia is a progressive disorder, it can be mild or advanced. At a later stage, people with Dementia require constant care. The common symptoms include:

Communication issues

One may lose the inability to speak. Non-verbal communication like gestures, touch, and facial expressions can also be a problem.

Memory issues

Some people may not remember where they live or recognize family and friends. Some forget their personal information and address. A person with severe Dementia may not identify those in the social circles.

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What are Early Signs of Dementia?

Behavioral problems

People with Dementia can develop psychological and behavioral problems. It may include depressive symptoms, agitation, wandering, and anxiety. Worst of all, one may experience some hallucinations.

Lack of appetite

In advanced cases of Dementia, people with Dementia have trouble eating and swallowing – which can lead to choking.

Bladder incontinence

In severe cases, people can experience bladder and bowel incontinence.

What Causes Dementia

Dementia is an umbrella term that refers to a range of cognitive disorders. It can be caused by nerve damage in your brain.

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What are Early Signs of Dementia?

The most common cause of Dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

According to the World Health Organization, Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of Dementia. It accounts for 60-80% of the cases.

Alzheimer’s patients have tangles and plaques on the brain. These are plaques of protein that damage healthy neurons and fibers that connect them.

It’s important to note that there are different types of disorders. For instance, vascular Dementia is associated with slowed thinking or problem-solving issues. Some folks experience severe memory loss.

Frontotemporal Dementia is characterized by the breakdown of nerve cells and the brain’s temporal lobes. These areas are associated with thinking, judgment, behavior, and movement.

Lewy body dementia

This is a common type of progressive Dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms include slow movement, tremors, rigidity, and focus problems.

Mixed Dementia

This can include Lewy body dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s associated with Alzheimer’s, but the actual cause is still unknown.

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What are Early Signs of Dementia?

Other causes of Dementia are:

  • Traumatic brain injury – depending on the part of the brain injured, TBI can cause Dementia. It’s associated with impaired speech and memory loss.
  • Parkinsons -Parkinson’s disease can trigger conditions linked to Dementia.

Experts also point out that age, family history, and Down syndrome can lead to Dementia.

What are Early Signs of Dementia, Conclusion

Knowing the stages of Dementia can help you make unnecessary adjustments. The symptoms will depend on the progression of the condition. At the onset, folks have problems with short-term memory, forgetting appointments, preparing meals, or getting lost. If you have Dementia or know someone with the condition, you should not ignore the signs. You must make the necessary changes and remain true to your needs.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you may want to contact your doctor immediately.

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