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Vacay For Less Invites Florida Guests to Explore Lake Okeechobee

Vacay For Less Invites Florida Guests to Explore Lake Okeechobee

Go beyond the beaches and explore this beautiful lake in the Everglades on a Florida Vacay For Less Vacation.

Vacay For Less encourages vacationers to explore all that Florida has to offer. The Lake Okeechobee area provides a relaxing venue for an outdoor adventure vacation, complete with gorgeous scenery and the opportunity for fishing, boating, and hiking.

Get some exercise with a nice hike. The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST) measures a grand total of 110 miles, with an elevated view of the lake and the lots of bird sightings. This trail was made for cyclists and hikers, and for those who are brave enough to attempt the entire loop, there are plenty of campgrounds and resorts in the local areas. There are designated roads for those who want to see the views can do so by car, instead of hiking. The LOST is part of the Florida National Scenic Trail, with the north end starting in the town of Okeechobee where the Kissimmee River feeds into the lake.

For fishing fans, Vacay For Less highly suggests this lake. Lake Okeechobee is what makes Florida the Fishing Capital of the World, with over 730 square miles of water is full of largemouth bass, the most popular freshwater fish in the world. One key way to find the fish in this large expanse is on a fast boat. Guides are really beneficial on this body of water, even if you have your own boat. While big bass are attracted to live wild shiners, artificial lures and fly fishing is also popular here. A tip for anglers from professional fisherman Scott Martin is to set up around the Clewiston area where there is great access to so many styles of fishing.

Airboat tours are very popular in Florida, particularly in the Everglades area. Lake Okeechobee is large, but averages only 9 feet in depth. Skimming across the top of the lake at high speeds is an experience that just shouldn’t be missed. These flat-bottomed boats are powered by giant air propellers and skip over the vegetation, leaving little disturbance besides the wake behind. Alligator sightings are practically guaranteed when airboats skim through the marsh areas of the lake, you may even go right over one! Wildlife sightings also include wild hogs, deer, black bear, and bobcat.

Vacay For Less knows how to plan an unforgettable vacation in Florida. These are just a few of the many options available for an outdoor-themed vacation or a day trip while staying on the coast. For more information or to plan your vacation, contact Vacay For Less today at http://vacayforless.com/

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