Types of Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles To Try

Types of Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles To Try

If you’ve been searching for a fun way to get around your city without a car, there are more options available to you than you might realize at first. Several viable means of transportation exist that all use electricity to effortlessly take you wherever you want to go. Each one is also relatively portable, making them much more convenient than full-sized automobiles. Feel the breeze of the open air while you roll through your area at a quick pace with these types of electric personal transportation vehicles to try today.

Electric Skateboards

Traditionally, you might choose to ride a skateboard more for the cool tricks you can do with it rather than its speed. With an electric skateboard, though, you no longer need to kick off the ground constantly to maintain your momentum on the pavement. It has a small battery-powered motor underneath the deck that keeps your wheels rolling. You control how much the skateboard accelerates and when it stops with a small device that you hold in one hand. When you brake with that controller, the battery can also produce more energy, similar to how hybrid car batteries replenish themselves. This lets you go farther without needing to recharge.


This one is an oddity among the types of electric personal transportation vehicles you could try. Onewheels look like a cross between a skateboard and a unicycle. They have one big wheel—yeah, it’s a real creative name—that sits in the middle of a flat board. You plant your feet in front and behind the wheel like you would on a skateboard. Unlike an electric skateboard, you don’t use a controller. Instead, you lean forward to accelerate and backward to slow down. Its large wheel has enough traction to safely see you through turf, mud, and sand without getting stuck. For those that appreciate new and unique experiences, this might be the vehicle for you.

Electric Bicycles

On the opposite end of the eccentricity spectrum, you have electric bicycles. They offer you many ways to change how you use them. This is due to the multiple levels of motor assistance you can switch between. Some days, you might want to get in a workout on your bike, so you can turn down or completely shut off the motor and go forth on your own power alone. At other times, you may not want to sweat on the way to your destination. You can then turn up the motor so that you can relax while still going fast. Since people may assume your bike is a normal version and become surprised by its swiftness, you should read up on tips for riding electric bikes safely. This way you’ll know when to brake and how to maneuver when you’re around cars.

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