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Tripps Travel Network Reveals Best Las Vegas Museums

Tripps Travel Network Reveals Best Las Vegas Museums

For travelers who enjoy learning, Tripps Travel Network shares information on the best Las Vegas museums to enjoy visiting this summer.

Las Vegas is a destination that is full of unique entertainment. Most people know Las Vegas for entertainment like casinos, stage shows, and luxury shops and eateries, but Tripps Travel Network wants those who are considering Las Vegas as a summer vacation getaway to know that there is so much more to this destination. Believe it or not, Las Vegas is a great family getaway destination, with attractions like amusement parks, zoos and habitats full of exotic animals, art galleries, and even museums. In fact, Tripps Travel Network says that there are many incredible museums in Las Vegas, full of astounding looks at the history and community of Las Vegas. These museum are always worth a visit for Vegas visitors of all ages, and today Tripps Travel Network would like to recommend some of its favorite Las Vegas museums to guests who are visiting this summer.

One museum that Tripps Travel Network highly recommends to Vegas visitors is the Discovery Children’s Museum. This is a great spot for those who are in Vegas for summer vacations with their kids because the whole family can attend. The museum features a number of interactive exhibits for kids and parents alike to enjoy. Some of these include the Fantasy Festival where kids are encouraged to play and learn about things like the medieval era and life at sea, and the Patents Pending exhibit where kids can learn about engineering and inventing. The museum is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, so Tripps Travel Network believes that now is the perfect time to visit the museum and let kids enjoy its many great attractions and exhibits. To learn more about the current exhibits available at the museum visit https://www.discoverykidslv.org/.

Another interesting museum in Las Vegas is the Atomic Testing Museum. Truly a unique spot, this museum offers displays and exhibits that explore Nevada’s past as an atomic testing site, as well as some that discuss the history and science behind nuclear power and weapons. Some of the highlights of the museum includes an actual nuclear reactor and a pieces of the Berlin wall which is included in the cold war exhibit. This museum is a unique and interesting spot to learn about one of the most intricate and extraordinary parts of the Unites States History, and Tripps Travel Network highly encourages a visit to travelers who are headed to Las Vegas in the coming months. To learn more about the museum and its exhibits please visit http://nationalatomictestingmuseum.org/.

When travelers take advantage of all of the unique entertainment in Las Vegas, it will be easy for them to customize the trip to the needs of themselves and their families. They can easily plan these customized vacations when they count on the help of Tripps Travel Network and additionally take advantage of beautiful and luxurious accommodations from the resort provider. To learn more about planning a summer getaway with Tripps Travel Network please visit http://www.trippstravelnetwork.com

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