Cauliflower Pizza

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crusts Taste Great

You can top these fabulous crusts with anything you would choose for a regular pizza, and the taste will be amazingly the same as long as you adhere to the cooking directions. Following the instructions of baking the crust on both sides for at least ten to twelve minutes was a lesson that took me not paying attention to twice to understand. When the main ingredients of your crust are vegetables, the cooking time is necessary to get rid of the water content, so spend the twenty to twenty-five minutes it takes to bake your crust correctly before you dress it.

preparation of Cauliflower Pizza

After that, it is game on! Start with whatever kind of sauce you like. I have used everything from traditional tomato sauce to a creamy ricotta and herb mixture to homemade pesto, and they all turned out fantastic. Honestly, the sky’s the limit here so once the crust is thoroughly baked, start stacking it with your favorite ingredients or whatever you have left over.

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