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Benefits of Drinking Celery Tea

Benefits of Drinking Celery Tea (2)

Celery tea is made by grinding celery seeds they can be purchased online or at most supermarkets. Celery seeds are loaded with Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, protein, fiber, potassium and folate. Drinking celery tea is therefore different from drinking an everyday drink. It is more …

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Best Dating Apps For 2019

Best Dating Apps For 2019 (1)

Best Dating Apps 2019 your top choices Online dating is gaining popularity and advancing day by day. It started with social media (Facebook and Twitter), but now we have plenty of mobile apps developed explicitly for dating. Getting the best dating app for you can be hard. Depending on whether …

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Plant-Based Lifestyle Live Longer

Plant-Based Lifestyle Live Longer (1)

Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle In recent years, adopting a plant-based lifestyle has become increasingly popular as it’s beneficial to both our bodies as well as the planet. With this lifestyle, you’ll be embracing plant-based whole foods for optimal nutrition and nourishment for your body. You’ll also be leaving a smaller …

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Top Sites in Venice For 2019

Top Sites in Venice For 2019 (2)

Top Sites in Venice are always something to admire here are some great suggestions. Are you thinking of going on vacation? Venice, Italy is one place that should be on your bucket list in 2019. The city is filled with many great tourist attractions, and it may be quite hard …

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Top Makeup Tips 2019

Top Make Up Tips 2019 (1)

2019 Makeup Tips For 2019. There will be several makeup trends. Some are a twist on some old favorites. We have the comeback of glitter. Glitter on the eyelids, on the lips and the cheekbones as a highlight. To achieve proper balance with this look, choose just one area and …

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Healthy Holiday Eating Best Tips

Healthy Holiday Eating Best Tips (3)

Healthy Holiday Eating is getting more of a routine. The dangers of going to the extreme by overeating can cause many heart Attacks and other life-threatening effects. So follow these great Healthy Holiday Eating tips and enjoy the holidays safely and not add pounds to your waistline. Are you amazed …

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