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Best Vegan Protein Dishes One is Falafels

Falafel, hummus and pita

Falafels come from the Middle East region. They are usually ball-shaped, but also can be made into patties. Falafels most commonly are made from deep-fried ground fava beans, chickpeas, or in some cases both. These ingredients are incredibly healthy and filled with protein levels comparable to meat. The best part …

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Best Ways to Save on Wedding Dresses

Best Ways to Save on Wedding Dresses 2

TotesNewsworthy wants to share some tips on some Best ways to save on wedding dresses and also how to get bargains on wedding dresses. It’s the best day of your life but do you need to invest your wedding dress among many other things here are Totesnewsworthy’s Tips. A marriage …

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Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea 1

Kombucha tea has had the attention of the Chinese for centuries. To them, it was an elixir of immortal health. The drink is made by a fermentation process which leaves probiotics that have many benefits to people who seek better health. For lovers of Kombucha, the secret to longevity lies …

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