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The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones

The deadliest stark of Game of Thrones. It is funny how things turn out. Everybody was counting on the prince that was promised to deliver the final blow. Some thought it might be Jon Snow; others thought the prince is not a prince but the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Dani, who will kill the night King.

But, as it turns out, it was Aria Stark. And as shocking as that scene was, for all the right reasons, it also made the most sense.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (1)

Ever since she accepted her destiny as a warrior of the Many-Faced God, Arya has been training to become the best killer she could be.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones

Contrary to the teachings of the Many-Faced God and his cult, she did No One, just someone who can pass as No One when the right time comes.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (5)

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones

All of her skills were at full display during that scene. Her stealth-like movements, which even surprised her dearest brother John Snow, now a Targaryen. She jumped the Night King, surprising everyone, even his generals.

For a moment he caught her. Holding her throat in one hand and her hand in another, she did something only a seasoned warrior or assassin would do. She made sure to use what was left, her other hand.

In what will probably become one of the most famous witches of hand in history (some even compared it to Jordans switching hands antics) she let the dagger fall into her right hand and stabbed the Night King in his undead stomach.

He turned to ice, much like the rest of his first-class warriors. The rest of his army returned to being dead once again, hopefully for the last time.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (6)

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones

She saved her brother Bran, or as he would call himself now, the Three-eyed Raven as well, seeing Theon formerly of the House of Greyjoy, fall in an honorable fashion, redeeming himself for all the bad things he did to the house of Stark and erasing the memories of himself as the pitiful creature that was Reek.

It is a sudden, and bizarre turn in Game of Thrones. The Night King and his army of the dead that has been building for thousands of years dead just like that. From season one onwards they have been build as this big bad, of epic proportions.

To see them fall in just one battle, epic, and colossal battle, but one none the least is quite disappointing. There are many questions left unanswered about the Night King, his motivations, origins, etc.

But the episode did leave us with a hint that he might be of Targaryen origin. As you all remember, real, pure blooded Targeryans can’t be burned by fire. Dani hit him with the best Dracaris she could manage, and he stayed unphased, even his clothes were perfectly intact.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (2)

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones

Be it as it may, the icy armageddon is behind us now. The show will turn towards the next big bad, Cersei. It is unclear how much of a threat it will pose to the allied Targeryan Army. Even with their heavy losses, they have two dragons.

Cersei and her army have one mad scientist, a perpetually horny pirate, and a large zombie. Doesn’t seem like much of a contest.

The Deadliest Stark of Game of Thrones (3)

Jon Snow and Dani did not have the best of weeks. Both of them struggled to make their dragons count. They even crash into each other for a moment.

They spend way too much time trying to find a way out of that mist than they did batting the Night King and his dragon. Dani in particular. She didn’t even have the timing to light the trenches on time, causing many more casualties for her Unsullied troops.

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