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The 12 Best Tips To Look Pretty

The 12 best tips to look pretty. To start off, it is no secret that we love our daily skin care routine. There are numerous benefits to nourishing our skin with aloe-vera infused serums or products and herb-infused essential oils to keep including skin spec-free skin and glowing skin. To top this off, a powder made of natural minerals comes in handy.

Nonetheless, we appreciate the need to wake up every morning looking refreshed and reinvigorated, even before starting the morning beauty routine. Does this sentiment make one lazy? Quite frankly, no! It is rational to fancy having a naturally blemish-free skin as the foundation.

And to achieve this, you need to take care of your health. The state of your health is projected on your skin. When you are wholesomely healthy, you so will your skin; it will, therefore, be blemish free and glowing. By wholesomely healthy, it means that you need to consider matters of happiness and stress levels.

The 12 Best Tips To Look Pretty

While we must continue using essentials and any other natural skin care product we find effective at yielding a glowing skin, it is important that we also consider the health issues related to skin care. These are natural means are easy and straight-forward.

#1. Drink Lots Of Water

By all accounts, this advice is quite a cliché. However, it has to be said. Being dehydrated negatively impacts your body, affecting how it works. Moreover, being in such a state makes any wrinkle more visible. You should also note that the body uses water for cleansing purposes. If it does not have adequate water to flush the waste material in our bodies, it will accumulate. This will be visible in the form of skin blemishes.

Importantly, you should drink water in the right manner. By the right manner, we mean that you should consume water slowly all through the day, every day. Chugging a lot of water at once negates the benefits you stand to gain from drinking the water as it hardly will be absorbed by the body. Alternatively, you can prepare yourself for numerous visits to the washroom. And, if it at night, you can expect this to affect your beauty sleep.

Additionally, if you tend to consume dehydrating fluids such as coffee or alcohol, it is important to make concerted efforts to hydrate before and after. For instance, in the case of a morning cup of coffee, take water as soon as you wake up to prepare your body for the cup of coffee you have to take.

Best Tips To Look Pretty

Best Tips To Look Pretty

#2. Make A Point Of Sweating

Approximately 20% of all the body waste is eliminated through perspiration. As such, it is important to keep sweating. Exercise or attend sauna sessions. If possible, do both.

If you prefer working out for a sweat, jogging, yoga, and even cycling are perfect physical activities for you. However, you should make a point of washing your face before and after the workout. When you sweat, your skin pore open up widely, and anything on the skin get absorbed pretty easily. After the workout, washing your face reduces the chances of the eliminated waste from being reabsorbed.

Exercising also has the effect of producing endorphins, which makes you happy. This, in turn, keeps your skin beautiful and healthy.

#3. Take A Bath As Often As Possible

There is no denying that taking a bath is exceptionally relaxing. It relieves any stress that you have, leaving you and your skin healthy.

To take your bathing game to the next level, brew a nice big pot of tea and add it to your bath. Of course, do make sure that your bath water is not dangerously hot before jumping in. Skin burns are painful, so lest avoid them

With regards to the tea, there are numerous options that will benefit your skin. These include:

  •  Yarrow
  •  Chamomile
  •  Fennel
  •  Echinacea

You can also try the coffee. After all, it is a herb as well.

#4. Go Big On Beauty Minerals – Best Tips To Look Pretty

It has been drilled into us that minerals are an essential part of a healthy diet. This is very true. And when it comes to beautifying your skin, there are minerals that are more effective than others – the beautifying minerals.

For instance, sulfur. Astonishingly, it is rarely including the in the list of essential minerals to consume. However, it is the 4th most abundant mineral in our bodies and it is critical to many of our body system processes. Having an ample supply of minerals in our bodies keeps our skins and hair silky smooth. For a good supply of sulfur, eat eggs, cabbages, broccoli, and radishes.

Another mineral to consume in good measure is zinc. Pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds mussels, and spirulina are excellent sources.

Best Tips To Look Pretty (1)

Best Tips To Look Pretty

#5. Enjoy Being Naked

Every week, choose a day to have our face naked – makeup free. This will give your skin’s pores the chance to breathe unimpeded. However, if you religiously use makeup, make sure to use mineral makeup negating the possibility of absorbing harmful toxic chemicals.

#6. Consume Orange

Orange foods tend to be high in beta-carotene. During the winter months, you should make a point of eating carrots, apricots, peaches, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes,

It is important to note that Vitamin A is fat soluble. Therefore, consuming healthy fat around the same time will increase the amount of the Vitamin that is absorbed. Therefore, eat a slice of avocado along with your carrot juice. In the case of sweet potatoes, drizzle some olive oil.

#7. Whiten Your Teeth (With Charcoal)

To whiten your teeth easily without using corrosive chemicals, use charcoal black powder. As part of your teeth whitening treatment, apply the powder directly on your toothbrush or mix it with your usual toothpaste. Repeat this treatment a couple times a week. The treatment draws all the impurities from your mouth and, importantly, gets rid of the stains in your teeth, leaving you with spectacularly white teeth.

An alternative to this treatment is oil pulling.

#8. Tone Your Tresses

If you are interested in a well-nourished scalp and soft hair, hair rinses are an effective solution. Additionally, you can use them add subtle colors to your hair.

Fortunately, they are easy to make. For instance, you can brew a large pot of tea to be your hair rinse. Let the tea cool down and rinse your hair it right after finish shampooing your hair. Leave it as it is for 20 minutes and thereafter condition the hair as usual.

Some of the best tea for this function includes:

  •   Coffee or black tea. These rinses add a subtle reddish hue while deepening your hair color.
  •   Chamomile. It is perfect if you are interested in lightening your hair color. Additionally, it soothes the scalp.
  •   Rosemary. It is very effective at cleansing hair.

Instead of using rises and then adding an extra step and shower time, you can simply opt to add some ingredients to your shampoo. The effects are almost the same. If you have brown hair, you should consider adding cinnamon or cocoa powder especially to deepen your color. Alternatively, you can add honey to lighten the hair hue.

#9.The Other Hair

Conditioning our hair is religiously upheld. However, when it comes to our eyelashes and eye browses, we ignore them whereas hey should be treated equally. With this in mind, swipe some organic eye cream of gentle oil on the tip of tour eyelashes and eyebrows as well (especially, if you do not use natural mascara).

Furthermore, keep your eyebrows well shaped as this frames your face. There are many options for help you with this, including plucking, waxing, and threading.

Best Tips To Look Pretty (4)

#10. Lady Lumps

Beauty by Nature recommends using hydrotherapy to enhance the perkiness of your breasts, which has been used by French women for a long time. In this regard, end your showers by running cold water over your body for thirty minutes. In fact, if you can shower alternating between cold and hot water for thirty minutes, it will yield better results. This improves blood circulations in your breasts, which firms them up.


Taking care of your underarms can go a long way to helping you look and feel great. This means moisturizing and caring for them. They can also be whitened with a treatment such as this from Dore Aesthetics.

#12. Be Positive

With all that said, it is important to have a positive outlook and spirit. Maintaining positive thoughts will inadvertently make you prettier. Sadness and negative thoughts will only wear you down, emotionally and physically.

To this end, make concerted efforts to surround yourself with delightful things. Keep flowers that diffuse relaxing scents such as neroli in your house. Decorate your house with inspiring items. Adorn cloths that make you confident. Finally, keep your surrounding clutter-free and clean to prevent stress and confusion.

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