Send Me on Vacation

Monday’s Dark In Las Vegas Helping Breast Cancer Survivors

Send Me On Vacation plans on surprising cancer survivors with vacations on Feb 6, 2017, to help them recover physically and spiritually with the support of Mondays Dark. Thanks to Diamond Resorts and big thumbs up to you guys for giving five-week long vacation condos to be used for this event.
Send Me On Vacation will be sending five cancer survivors to Diamond Resorts properties to help the healing process and work towards recovery and positive well-being. Mondays Dark was created and produced by the Canadian from Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, Mark Shunock, the star of “Rock of Ages.” This is a one-of-a-kind variety show that features super headliners, from the top venues on the Las Vegas Strip. With 100% of all ticket sales benefitting Send Me On Vacation, this evening of entertainment and fun will be held at The Space in Las Vegas Nevada. Mondays Dark created with philanthropy in mind is taking off like a rocket.
Send Me on Vacation
“Unfortunately for breast cancer survivors, it’s not over when treatment ends. After months, sometimes years of treatment, it’s often difficult to mainstream back into ordinary life. The end of physical treatment doesn’t mark the end of the journey; it’s simply the final leg of the trip,” says co-founder and attorney, Leland (Gene) Backus. “Providing a trip to a beautiful resort destination to recharge the soul of our recipients battling cancer, changes lives – one vacation at a time.”

“Changing lives, one vacation at a time” is the goal of Send Me On Vacation with the support of Mondays Dark, and companies like Diamond Resorts can help make the difference in one survivor’s life not only affecting that one person but also their family members.

Mondays Dark is a must-see whether you are a Vegas resident or you just happen to be visiting at that time you need to check this out. Not only will you be in for some excellent entertainment but you will also be helping other worthy causes as well. The goal of Mondays Dark is to raise money for many different charitable causes. Send Me On Vacation is one of those causes and anybody that has been affected by breast cancer or knows someone who has been, we ask that you, please share this.

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