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Michael Phelps Kills it on “Lip Sync Battle”

The show “Lip Sync Battle” has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with the recent excitement of the Olympic games Michael Phelps has made an appearance. With this newest lip-sync battle John Legend took to the stage singing Stevie Wonder, but Michael Phelps came back really hard with his rendition of Eminem.

Michael Phelps took the stage in his hoodie with a bathroom background and gave his best Eminem impression as the crowd chanted along. This show is unique because the viewers get to see another side of celebrities that they would never see before. The show gets ratings because of the song choices of the contestants. It’s interesting to see what the celebs will do, and people can’t get enough of it.

Phelps was part of this all-star cast that has received lots of attention on the internet. Terry Crews, from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was also there and he even got a crazy response from his number that he performed. Terry performed a song from Public Enemy to everyone’s surprise, and delight. He even played the whole number as his character from Idiocracy, which is the funniest thing that has been on television in quite some time.

Michael Phelps stole the show on this all-star episode, and everyone was excited to see this Olympic swimmer cut loose on television. Although he was made a father, Michael Phelps showed that he can still be as hip as when he was a teenager. This show is only getting better by the season, and the audience is always surprised by what contestants do on stage.

Michael Phelps was one of the greatest competitors of all time, and there are going to be few celebrities that can match his showmanship. However, the stars will keep on performing, and it will probably be surprising who takes Phelps’ place.

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