Beginning on the Boardwalk in Mazatlán, the annual Grand Marathon is much more than a 26.2-mile running event. It is also a massive cultural festival that grows each year. El Cid Vacations Club members are invited to take part in all the festivities, which include a huge Festival of Lights, dozens of non-marathon running competitions, band music, dancing, and many other weekend activities.

El Cid Vacations Club points out that the real action is not just in the marathon race, which itself is an international mega-event, but in the Pacifico Marathon’s Grand Fiesta, all of which takes place on November 28 and 29. Walkers, runners, strollers, teams, wheelchair athletes, and every other category of running or walking enthusiast can take part in the races.

As the years have passed, event organizers have added many non-running activities to the day’s festivities. The Festival of Lights, the sea turtle release, the elite 5K race, and the huge dinner are just a few of the additions that have already become a traditional part of the Pacifico Marathon’s Grand Fiesta weekend. El Cid Vacations Club notes that the entire fiesta kicks off on the final Saturday of November with a 10K event for disabled participants.

For 2015, officials expect well over 10,000 participants in the various running events, and many more who attend non-running activities during the weekend. The Festival of Lights, according to El Cid Vacations Club, is the largest single happening of the entire weekend, drawing many thousands of spectators and celebrants, as well as some very exhausted runners.

El Cid Vacations Club notes that local bands make the fiesta weekend one of the unique happenings on the 2015 calendar. Besides appearing throughout the weekend’s various activities, the bands often play at numerous points during the marathon race itself, as well as at other weekend running events. Organizers of the cultural festivities are always sure to include local musicians in the mix to both entertain and encourage the athletes. El Cid Vacations Club members report that the band music is one of the highlights of the entire weekend.

For runners of all ages and abilities, there are ways to take part in the running activities during the Mazatlán Grand Marathon weekend. El Cid Vacations Club members have taken part in the 10K run, marathon, half-marathon, 2K run and all other events that are on tap for participants.

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