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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Gears Up for Wedding Season

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Gears Up for Wedding Season

Couples are invited to spend their big days in the Dominican Republic with the help of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

As spring comes into bloom and the summer is fast approaching, many couples across the globe are gearing up for their big days. June is known as one of the most popular months for weddings, and it kicks off a busy wedding season in many parts of the world. Because the popular season for tying the knot is just around the corner, many loving couples are in the midst of planning their nuptials now. For those who are hoping to enjoy a destination wedding, and want to spend their big day in an exotic part of the world against a stunning paradise backdrop, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests considering a wedding in the stunning Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is lovely, offers a soothing ocean side atmosphere, and can serve as the ideal destination for both weddings and honeymoons.

It can also be extremely easy to plan an ideal destination wedding with services and packages available only through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, couples can plan an intimate wedding ceremony for 10, 15, or 25 guests. These packages include all of the essentials including a beautifully decorated venue, the ceremony service, flowers for the bridal party, wedding cake, a champagne toast, an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and a private dinner. These packages don’t just include wedding day necessities ether, but several special surprises for the bride and groom.

These treats include breakfast in bed for couples the morning after their big day, a couple’s massage at the beautiful Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Yin Yang Spa, and a makeup, nail, and hair appointment for the bride.

In addition to the stunning services and treats included in the wedding packages available through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, there are also several extraordinary add on options for couples hoping to celebrate in the Dominican Republic. Packages can be customized with options including additional guest, specialty diner arrangements, live bands, photos, and video services. Additionally Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is happy to be able to offer specialty packages to those individuals who are coming to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their love for the second time.

LHVC offers separate packages for individuals who have come to renew their vows. These packages include flowers, guitar players, ceremony services, champagne, and couples spa treatments.

There are truly options for all lovers when they come to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their lives together.

The dream wedding can be possible with the help of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s wedding packages.  Brides and grooms deserve to experience the most memorable and magical day of their lives in incredible locales like the Dominican Republic, and Lifestyle Holidays vacation Club will ensure that they can have these experiences with ease and simplicity.

To learn about planning a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, or to plan  honeymoon or other romantic getaway  to the resort, please visit www.lhvcresorts.com for more information.



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