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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews Upcoming Spirits Fest
Enjoy the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews Upcoming Spirits Fest

This September, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests can enjoy a one of a kind beer and wine festival in the Dominican Republic.

The travel specialists at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club understand how important it is for individuals to be able to have new and unique experiences when they take vacations. It is only by having new experiences and encountering unique entertainment that travelers can make lasting memories of their time away from home. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club invites all individuals who want to plan dream trips to come and see what remarkable experiences are waiting for them in the Dominican Republic, and additionally hopes that these travelers will spend their time attending some of the incredible events and exciting attractions that will be found in the Dominican.

One event that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club would like to recommend to its guests this season is the Santo Domingo Spirits Fest. This event is held by Distrito Lujo and is a spirits and wine festival and one of the most unique offerings available in the Dominican Republic this season. In fact, the Santo Domingo Spirits Fest is the first festival of its kind in the Dominican Republic and the experience of attending is one that travelers will surely not soon forget. This is an ideal attraction for travelers who want to unwind during their stay, and additionally will give them the chance to sample some deliciously crafted wines, beers, and spirits.

There will be many entertaining and interesting activities for guests to take part in when they decide to attend the Santo Domingo Spirits Fest. First, attendees will have access to the Hall of Spirits and Beer Tastings, where they will naturally get to try a number of different drinks. In addition to tastings, there will be master classes and demonstrations throughout the festival that teach attendees about subjects like pairing wines with different dishes and making specialty cocktails. There will also be classes that teach attendees about different kinds of spirits and their uses. The event will be taking place this September on the 16th and the 17th of the month, with tickets available for both of the festival days. To learn more or to purchase tickets visit http://distritolujo.com/spiritsfest/.

The Dominican Republic can be the ideal place to spend a vacation that will stand out. Guests in the Dominican Republic who stay with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club will able to realize their travel dreams with an astounding vacation, and additionally revel in all of the luxurious accommodations and amenities that are available at the beloved resort. To learn more about planning a stay in the Dominican Republic with this September please visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com/.

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