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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Invites Members to Relax Onsite

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Invites Members to Relax Onsite

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is inviting its members to a second quarter meeting at its Puerto Plata property in the Presidential Suites.

This is an opportunity for members to experience this Dominican Republic resort up close and personal. The Dominican Republic city of Puerto Plata is one of those well-kept secrets that more vacationers are just discovering. It dates back to 1502 when Christopher Columbus directed Nicolas de Ovando to establish a shipping base here for a trading port that served as protection against pirate attacks. This city began in a multi-cultural way with runaway slaves finding refuge here from America.

More than 1,000 years ago the Arawak Indians lived here and hunted in the mountains. Cuban farmers came here in the 1800s introducing sugar cane and tobacco agricultural businesses that are still around today.  Other landmarks in the city include Museo de Ambar Dominicano that honors the national stone called translucent amber.  An old lighthouse that used to welcome ships and Spanish galleons that arrived to the New World still remains intact.

The all-suites model of vacationing spots has really caught on in recent years.

The members of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club spouses and partners especially love the fact one person can sleep in while the other watches television in another room or partitioned off space. The Presidential Suites are fairly new but add another dimension of luxury accommodations in the Caribbean, with studio, one bedroom, and two bedrooms available. Once members are done with the business meeting, they will be free to explore the resort. Most will find no need to go outside the confines of this property since everything will be at their fingertips.

For the fitness set of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club membership, it will be hard to resist the sparkling pool with waterfall.

Here is where aqua-aerobics lessons are given. If shooting hoops is more your speed, it can be done by day or night on the full-press lighted basketball court. There are three tennis courts that will keep the competitive spirit alive when members play singles and doubles. Scuba lessons are available poolside, which is so much less formidable then learning while in the sea. Members can enjoy non-motorized water sports or utilize exercise equipment in the gym. Los Mangos is an executive nine-hole golf course for members who like to tee off.  Volleyball at the beach and pool are offered.  Kids activities are available to keep them busy while you participate in these many activities.

Dining options include many restaurants and bars.

There is a French Fusion Restaurant called Jazz, a New Orleans inspired Bourbon Street bar, and a Seafood Buffet called The Blue Lagoon. Those Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members with the All Inclusive plan called “Luxury All-In” enjoy many exclusive privileges such as no reservation required at two international buffets, daytime and night snacks throughout the entire property, all spirits and soft drinks available at each bar, access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner at all 11 restaurants, and many other special privileges.  At night there is entertainment at the coliseum with theatre shows.

No matter what activity preference, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Presidential Suites resort in Puerto Playa will offer every luxurious and relaxing vacation choice for its members.

This will be an opportunity to mix business and pleasure with access to unlimited amenities.

For more information please visit http://www.lhvcresorts.com/

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