Kim Kardashian West Flunks Baby Bar While Kayne Celebrates in France With New Beauty

Kim Kardashian West Flunks Baby Bar While Kayne Celebrates in France

Kim Kardashian West recently failed what is known in California as the Baby Bar Exam for the second time. In addition, it was rumored that Kardashian West and her music and fashion mogul husband, Kayne West, were headed for divorce for over a year. Finally, in February of this year, publishers announced what seemed inevitable, Kim had filed a divorce proceeding to separate herself from Kayne West. With their estimated wealth well into the hundreds of millions level and three small children to consider, news of the divorce brought varied reactions.

However, few people knew that Kim Kardashian had an interest in practicing law during this same time. Inspired initially by her lawyer father, Robert Kardashian, and bolstered by her success in lobbying for the First Steps Act, Kardashian West studied for the pre-exam to the California Bar exam for a second time. For those who follow the reality show, it was revealed that Kim had scored 474 on her first attempt, which was well below the passing grade of 560.


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No matter what personal turmoil she was experiencing in her marriage, Kim was determined to try again. However, her second attempt at the test proved to be even less inspiring as she scored 463, which was even lower than her first attempt. With so much drama surrounding her, her family, her marriage, and her career, especially as the Kardashian family reality TV show is ending after many years, the news of her new failure has many people wondering if she can bounce back from the added negative press.

Then to add insult to injury, gossip new sites have been working overtime to prove that Kayne West has already moved on to a new girlfriend. Well-known model Irina Shayk is reportedly West’s new love interest. Numerous pictures and articles have been published regarding the two spending time together recently, including an intimate trip to France to celebrate his 44th birthday. Although most reports try to pinpoint the start of the new affair after divorce proceedings began, Kayne has connections to the model as far back as 2010. Not only did Irina Shayk star as the queen muse in Kayne West’s video Power, but her name is also part of a lyric in his song “Calvin Klein Denim Flow. “

Many close to the estranged couple feel that Kim and Kayne have been headed in separate directions for years, so the fact that he is already publicly dating does not come as a complete surprise. However, Fans of Kim are worried that she may not recover from this latest disappointment with so much negativity and disappointment piling on these past two years.

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