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The US Plays Nazi Anthem at Fed Cup

Nazi Anthem

Wow, talk about a huge insult. The singer of the anthem made the mistake of playing a Nazi era anthem that has been banned in Germany for over 75 Years.’Epitome of ignorance’: U.S. accidentally plays Nazi-era German anthem at Fed Cup The German Tennis players were taken by surprise, to …

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The Universe is Bigger Than You Ever Imagined

the universe

When looking up at the stars, it is hard to imagine the vastness that is space, or even the thought that telescopes can barely scratch the surface of exploration. In the 1990’s the Hubble Telescope traveled throughout the galaxy collecting images of deep space and sending them back to Earth. …

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Father and Daughter found a Diamond!

father and daughter

A father and daughter were spending quality time together hiking and foraging in the Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas. During their trip they discovered a 2.03-carat diamond and made national headlines. Lauren and Dan Frederick were looking around the park for an hour before they discovered their find. …

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Calcium Supplements Jeopardize Heart Health!

Calcium supplements

Calcium supplements have been taken for decades by people trying to improve their health, but these pills are proving to have an adverse effect on the body. Everyone, especially women, is encouraged to take calcium supplements as they get older to strengthen their bones and fight against osteoporosis. However, in …

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