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How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier: The Basics

How to train a Yorkshire terrier is an often asked question as this breed of dog is becoming more and more popular. The Yorkshire terrier is an excellent companion dog and is often called by their nickname, Yorkie.

As a responsible pet owner, you should know a few Yorkie basics before getting your new fur baby. How to train a Yorkshire terrier includes how to treat your dog and how to train them various tricks.

How To Train a Yorkshire Terrier To Sit And Lay Down

If you’re looking for a way to train a Yorkie to sit and lay down, there are some tricks that you can use. Fortunately, Yorkies are very smart and will do their best to learn if they get the right kind of reinforcement.

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier The Basics (4)

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier: The Basics


First, you need to give your dog a high-value treat that’s irresistible. One of the best ways to do this is to use either peanut butter or liver. Using clickers and verbal markers to mark your dog’s good behavior will also help when learning how to train a Yorkshire terrier.

Eventually, you’ll want to reward your dog with treats whenever they sit and lie down upon your command. However, you’ll need to ensure that you give your dog only a few treats. Your Yorkie has a limited attention span and can only focus for a few minutes. So, you’ll need to limit the number of training sessions you give them daily.

How To Train a Yorkshire Terrier With Positive Reinforcement

Another useful tip is to use positive reinforcement when training your Yorkie to do something new. For example, when teaching a Yorkie to “stay,” you can use the word “stay” and a hand signal. As you progress, move on to other commands. These include “release” and “come.”

To keep your Yorkie from rolling over or standing up during the training session, you must hold a treat in your hand. When your dog is sitting, move the treat into a circle. Do this twice. It will not take long for your Yorkie to understand you are trying to teach him something.

How To Train A Yorkie To Roll Over

When you want to teach a Yorkie to roll over, it can be difficult. This trick requires a lot of repetition. Also, you may need to practice in different places until the dog rolls over consistently.

The first thing to do to train a Yorkie to roll over by using hand signals is to let your pet know they will receive a high-quality treat. As always, hold a treat in the palm of your hand. Next, you should put the dog in a sitting position.

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier The Basics (1)

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier: The Basics


Finally, you will need to say the word “roll over” while moving the treat around the head of the dog. Make sure you are moving the treat in the direction of the dog’s choice of rolling.

If you have a small dog, it is a good idea to have short, fun sessions. An excellent place to practice is the dog park. Remember that a Yorkie’s attention span is short, so you should do this in quick bursts. Also, please make certain to keep your Yorkie on its leash at all times when in public.

How To Train A Yorkie To High-five

Teaching a Yorkie to give you a high five is not difficult, but you have to be patient and consistent. This dog is a strong-willed animal that requires love and encouragement. It’s important to keep your training sessions short and focused.

When teaching a Yorkie to give you paws, you should begin by holding a treat on one side of the Yorkie’s nose. Then, slowly move the treat to the other side. If the dog doesn’t paw at the hand, tap it to show them that you want it to do so. Once they paw at your hand, you should praise them for doing a good job and give them a treat.

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier The Basics (3)

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier: The Basics


In addition to basic commands, you can also train your Yorkie to do advanced tricks. Some of the more advanced tricks include dancing and spinning but remember to try and use treats sparingly. Your Yorkie will need a quiet place to work on these new skills. You should have at least a few training sessions a week.

The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog with a strong will and intelligent nature. However, the breed is also very playful. It is a dog that is very eager to please. You can teach your pup to do fun and cute tricks using positive reinforcement and repetition.

Another command that Yorkies easily understand is the twirl command. Hold a treat in your hand and move it in a circle to teach it. When your Yorkie makes a twirl, you’ll reward it with a treat. You can also use an open palm perpendicular to the floor. Practicing these tricks will help your dog relax and calm down.

How To Train A Yorkie With Love

Remember to stay patient when training your dog. Repetition is essential, especially in short training sessions. Yorkies are known for having short attention spans, so your training sessions should last at most ten to fifteen minutes.

Also, don’t punish your dog when he doesn’t perform the trick you’re teaching. Not getting a treat or verbal praise can be very effective during training. Punishment is hard for dogs, especially puppies, to understand. Hitting an animal should never be acceptable unless in case of an extreme emergency.

One of the best ways to teach your dog tricks that he will remember forever is to praise him for his success. Of course, rewarding them with high-quality treats can also speed up the teaching process, but talk to your vet to ensure you are using the right type of treat and the amount you should be limited to daily.

The more positive the training techniques, the more likely your Yorkie will continue to perform tricks for you. And remember to choose a fun and easy trick to start with so your Yorkie can be proud of its accomplishment once learned. That way, your Yorkie will want to learn more and more.

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