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How to Prevent Getting E Coli

Wash your produce

When you come home with your groceries from the store, use a vegetable scrubber to rid your produce f any bacteria that may be remaining. You can use clean water mixed with white vinegar in the same ratio and dip all your produce into the solution for about 15 minutes. Remember to rinse everything well before preparation.

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Avoid Raw Food

Although you might be accustomed to eating your produce raw to benefit from the vitamin content, you need to realize that this won’t help in preventing E coli. It increases the risk of contamination. You want to steam the raw produce at high temperature to kill the bacteria. Also, keep off raw milk, unpasteurized juices, and dairy products.

Keep your hands clean

Washing your hands using hot water and antibacterial soap will ensure that you don’t potentially transfer the E. coli to your food when handling it.

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