How To Have a Private Getaway without Leaving Home

How to have a private getaway without leaving home? You’ve got some vacations days coming to you, but due to time, money, or perhaps lingering travel restrictions, you don’t have a place to get away to. Not to worry. There are plenty of ways to rest, recreate, and refresh during a staycation at home. With a few adjustments here and there, you can turn your house into a resort.

Here’s how to have a private getaway without leaving home.

Go Somewhere Else with a Good Book or Film

You may already be a voracious reader or film-lover, but if you’re feeling cooped up, expand your internal borders by reading books and seeing films written or made by other people from other places. Skip the blockbusters and American-made films and check out your streaming service’s overseas offerings. There’s an endless supply of foreign films and books—fiction and nonfiction, dramas and documentaries—that can take you on a tour of faraway lives and places. Ask your librarian for recommendations on books, audiobooks, DVDs, and streamed films.


How To Have a Private Getaway without Leaving Home

Make a Backyard Paradise

Turning your backyard into an oasis is a fun and relaxing vacation project all by itself. You don’t even have to mount a massive redesign to kick back out back. With a few simple additions, you can set up a spot to rest, read, eat, play, and chat. Set up patio furniture with an umbrella for shade and a freestanding hammock for a rejuvenating snooze. Nighttime will be more fun for you and your family with a firepit for toasting s’mores. Grow a garden and place potted plants for privacy on your porch or deck, and consider adding a pergola or canopy so that you can relax outside in all weather.

Explore New Cuisines

Travel memories are often based in the taste buds. You always remember the best meals you’ve ever had and the atmosphere of the places where you ate them. You’ll travel and sample new dishes in new places eventually, but for now, take a trip around the world in your kitchen. Consider cuisines you’ve always wanted to sample, and buy a cookbook or see if a local restaurant is offering takeout. Go big and stream the music of the country or region you’d like to visit while you cook and eat. It might not be the same as being there, but it’s the next best thing.

How To Have a Private Getaway without Leaving Home

How To Have a Private Getaway without Leaving Home

Turn the Bathroom into a Spa

When you’re deciding how to have a private getaway without leaving home, don’t forget the most private room in the house: the bathroom. If there’s any room where you can be alone and extend your downtime, it’s there. Drawing a bath is perfect, of course, but give the bathroom a good cleaning and declutter it beforehand. Add a few other spa elements, such as scented candles or an aromatherapy diffuser, and treat the water with bath oils and salts. Play some gentle tunes in the background, and set up a bathtub tray to hold hors d’oeuvres, books, lotions, perfumes, and whatever else you need to relax.

Bath Bomb Balls

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